Postman Pat - The Pirate Treasure

Postman Pat - The Pirate Treasure
Shiver me timbers! Climb on board with Postman Pat and Jess the Cat as the set off on their most fantastic adventures yet!

Join Pat and Jess along with all their friends from Greendale in three brand new episodes with the features length special 'The Pirate Treasure' plus 'The Green Rabbit' and 'The Flying Saucers'.

Rated: G
Duration: 55 mins.
Available through:Available through ABC Shops, ABC Centres, leading video retailers or online at

Ahoy there matey's Postman Pat is looking for treasure, but will he find what he is looking for? Are there really flying's saucers? And Postman Pat to the rescue....there are so many uses for a ladder. Great entertainment for young children.

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