Pledge This DVD

Pledge This DVD


Starring: Paris Hilton, Holly Valance, Paula Garces, Carmen Electra
Director: William Heins
Rated: TBC
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 85 mins

Pledging has never been this hilarious, starring Paris Hilton (House of Wax, The Simple Life) in this year's latest American teen comedy - Pledge This! Be sure to pledge the outrageous adventures of untamed college life, of nudity, crazy parties and over the top comedy!

As South Beach University welcomes its new intake of students, the boys are more than ready for the incoming female talent. Gloria (Paula Garces) and her naïve freshman friends are thrown into the wild whirlwind lifestyle of free love, girl-on-girl action and unpredictable college adventures. With the explosion of a toilet in the early days of freshman life the mis-fit girlfriends are forced to leave their dorms in search for a new home - a sorority.

The girls decide to 'pledge' to the most popular and exclusive sorority at the university, Gamma Gamma, lead by wealthy and snobbish president Victoria English (Paris Hilton). Victoria plans to let the freshmen pledge to her all blonde sorority, although at her advantage - to display diversity - a requirement for the "FHM Hottest Sorority In The Country" contest. Victoria puts the girls through a tortuous "Hell Week" however with the full intention of letting them join, only to immediately dispose of them once the contest has been won. When the freshman girls learn that Victoria's acceptance was all an act they become thirsty for revenge - deciding to declare war on their past president to settle the score.

Pledge This! is a hilarious college comedy with an overwhelming combination of girls, glamour, sex and style... guaranteed to make you want to 'pledge'!

Price: $34.95

Available to own or rent on DVD - 18th April 2007