Rapidly expanding part time market

Rapidly expanding part time market
New online service works for rapidly expanding part time market.

Today's part time workers are being largely ignored and undervalued by the majority of online job sites, despite a huge increase in the number of people choosing to work more flexible hours.

According to the projected figures for 2005 - 2010 from the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research, the growth of NSW part time workers is *550% greater than the growth of full time workers.

However that's all about to change with the introduction of www.parttimeonline.com.au, a new website offering a quality, one stop site catering for part time job seekers, employers and employment agencies across all demographics.

Parttimeonline is the brainchild of the company's directors, Liana Gorman and Vicki Gris, whose combined experience in the recruitment industry spans more than 40 years. Between them, Gorman and Gris have placed thousands of successful candidates across a diverse range of industries. The pair identified a serious gap in the marketplace whilst trying to find the right balance between their working lives and the demands of raising young children.

"I was alarmed to discover that part time workers aren't taken seriously by many of the bigger employment sites, despite the fact that **29% of the workforce choose to work part time, casually or in a job share capacity", said Gorman. "At parttimeonline our focus is firmly on promoting workers in every industry who are seeking a quality service in the part time and job sharing arena, including those working from home and freelancers."

According to Gorman, Parttimeonline is the only truly single focus platform available in Australia for posting candidate's profiles as well as listing current part time and casual positions. The site allows job searching by function and locality, listing opportunities from a wide range of industries and professional levels.

Parttimeonline is offering a free service until the end of March for employers to place job advertisements and for candidates to list their credentials and the type of part time or casual work they are seeking.