Officeteam - Dress for Success

Officeteam - Dress for Success
Dressing for success is nothing new, and we all know how important it is to whip out the power suit and killer heels when looking for that dream job. According to a recent survey by OfficeTeam however, fashion really is everything in the workplace.

Ninety-three percent of managers surveyed said a person's style of dress at work can influence his or her chances of earning a promotion, while one-third stated that on-the-job attire "significantly" affects an employee's advancement prospects.

The old adage about dressing for the position to which you aspire still holds true. A polished appearance lends credibility and may even help your boss envision you in a role with greater responsibility.

Clothes are not the only thing workers are judged on, but they are definitely part of the equation. While a proper wardrobe alone won't earn you a promotion, dressing inappropriately could cost you one.

If a promotion is on your agenda this year, why not consider the following questions when selecting your work attire:

  • Would my boss wear this? If the answer is "no," it's probably not a wise choice for you either.
  • Is my outfit a distraction? Unless you're in the fashion, entertainment or another creative industry, flamboyant or overly trendy attire can detract from your credibility.
  • Does it give me confidence? When you're dressed sharply, you'll be more self- assured. Look for attire that is flattering and makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Is it clean and in good condition? Even in casual work environments, avoid clothes that are torn, wrinkled or messy. Sloppy attire may prompt your manager to question your attention to detail.
  • Is it comfortable? Clothing that fits well and allows you to move freely is especially important when you're interviewing for a job.

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