New Year, New Career

New Year, New Career
A desire to help others, exceptional listening skills and a positive attitude are the key elements needed to kickstart a career from home as a Life Coach.

Life Coaching, a massive phenomenon in the UK and US, helps people identify what is important in their lives and sets realistic goals for them to achieve success, particularly in the areas that they crave change.

A Life Coach, much like a personal trainer, has the ability to continuously motivate, inspire and guide people to improve their lives. Seminars and self-help books provide a motivational boost, however the results are rarely lasting.

According to the Managing Director of LCA Victoria, Don Hunter, "Life Coaching is a rewarding new career opportunity that not only helps people do what they do better, but enhances the confidence and self-esteem of the Life Coach knowing they are empowering others to feel energised and move forward in a positive and purposeful way".

"To be a Life Coach, you don't need to have any academic qualifications, just determination, commitment and a willingness to learn. Life Coaching is a skill that can be developed through LCA training modules that have been especially designed to suit both the Life Coach and their clients," Don claims.

The Introduction to Life Coaching seminar provides an overview of Life Coaching as a career, information about the training courses, an opportunity to meet practicing Life Coaches, plus the chance to experience your own Life Coaching session.

The LCA training course is a three-month program introducing participants to the broader world of personal development through a mixture of residential training and distance learning modules. The LCA is devoted to ongoing training through conference calls, lectures and seminars, regular information updates and local Life Coaching circles.

Based on people's backgrounds, culture, experiences and personal interests, Life Coaches can differ in their areas of specialisation, whether it's health, fitness, personal growth or relationship coaching, to suit the needs, wants and desires of their clients.

Director of Coaching for LCA Victoria, Heidi Hunter says: "With around 28,000 Life Coaches throughout the UK and US, Life Coaching is a significant aspect of personal and corporate development in recent years. It has earned its place because it works."

"Victoria needs Life Coaches to meet the increasing demand from individuals seeking personal Life Coaching as well as companies wanting to improve their corporate culture and focus towards achieving work related goals," Heidi says.

The LCA is a market leader in Life Coach training in Australia. In the UK, the Academy has trained more than 1000 coaches in two years and has earned the reputation as the largest Life Coaching enterprise in Europe and the third largest in the world.

The benefits of Life Coaching become truly visible and tangible when clients address their domestic situations, improve personal relationships, uncover hidden skills and talents, enhance their careers and rid themselves of the things around them holding them back.

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