When Hard work vs Happiness

These days we spend so much of our time overworking that we forget why we are working so hard. For most people money equals security. But when does security override happiness and time for relaxation? Overworking may provide you with security, but is it all worth it?
Over worked - good points.
You don't have to worry about paying your rent, or bills etc. because you will have enough money for these things.
You will also have enough money to buy extra things such as clothes, things for your house and for holidays.
You can put away money so you can enjoy retirement.

Overworking - bad points
You'll barely be at home to enjoy your beautiful house and the fact that you have running water and electricity because you'll always be at work.
You won't have the time to shop for clothes, or go on holidays, because you will still be working. Basically you won't have the time to enjoy your money.
Continual stress that you should still be working after an18 hour day.
Loss of friends.
No time for a relationship, so you may end up single for the rest of your life.
You won't live to enjoy your retirement money because you would have died from some stress related illness.

Happiness - good points.
You'll be able to enjoy weekends and week nights with your friends.
You'll be able to enjoy activities such as coffee with friends, movies, day trips to the beach, and exercise.
You'll have time for yourself and be able to relax by having a bath, meditation, reading novels, and listening to music.
You'll won't feel stressed that you should be at work on your days off.
You'll feel much more healthier for having balance in your life.
You'll most likely live longer, because you will not have lived with too much 'work stress'.
You'll have time for love, relationships and family.

Happiness - the bad points.
You may not make it to millionaire status.
You may worry about bills.
You may have to window shop some weeks (the overworked doesn't even get the time to do this, because they are at work).
You may get disconnection notices occasionally.
You may not get those expensive 'dream holidays' (but then the overworked doesn't either, because they're still working too hard).

On that note if you are an overworker you don't get the chance to go out on a boat at the last minute when friends ring! (it happened just as I completed this article!) Remember we work to live and not live to work!

- Louise Ganey