The Clean Industrial Revolution

The Clean Industrial Revolution

The Clean Industrial Revolution

The race is on to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Ben McNeil shows us how we can make the most of our natural advantages and how Australia businesses can benefit economically when adapting to the new environmental realities.

The world is in the midst of a seismic shift in the way we generate energy and grow economic prosperity. Since the first industrial revolution we've been burning carbon to run our lives, but climate change and dwindling supplies of oil are now forging a new clean industrial revolution which will end our reliance on carbon for good.

So where does Australia's economic future lie in this rapidly changing world? In this compelling book, climate scientist and economist Ben McNeil demonstrates the immense economic opportunities which will open up if Australia leads the new clean industrial revolution. He shows how investing, commercialising and exporting the new fuels, materials and technologies for the twenty-first century will boost economic prosperity as well as environmental sustainability.In a world craving clean energy, nations and businesses who are clever and courageous enough to embrace the change will thrive.

About Ben McNeil
Ben McNeil is a senior research fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre at the University of NSW. He has a Masters of Economics in addition to his scientific training, and is on the executive of the prestigious Federation of Australasian Scientific and Technological Societies (FASTS) and speaks regularly at corporate and scientific events and to media.

'A passionate and informative demonstration of how mitigating climate change can be compatible with economic growth' - Professor Ross Garnaut, the Garnaut Climate Change Review

'Humanity' s greatest challenge is to minimise the consequences of climate change. With challenge comes opportunity. This book is about opportunity.' - Professor Peter Doherty, Nobel prize winner

'A fascinating and provocative insight into how business can make the most of the environmental challenge.' - Geoffrey Cousins, business leader and author

The Clean Industrial Revolution
Allen & Unwin
Author: Ben McNeil
ISBN: 9781741757224
RRP: $26.99


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