Becoming a Life Coach - What to look for in your training

By Wendy Stevens an expert life coach and life coach mentor

What do you look for when choosing a life coaching profession or a life coach training school? With so many different life coaching providers out there it can get very confusing. Here are some simple tips to follow, when choosing the right life coach mentor or training school for you.

Firstly, does the coaching mentor or coaching institute you are considering have a proven track record in the industry. If the life coaching school cannot provide you with testimonials and examples of graduate success, both current and historical, that is a warning signal.

Does the school you are looking at offer a range of learning experiences, including advanced training, to provide you with the edge that you need? Keep in mind that there are now thousands of life coaches in Australia, so you need to make sure you are given the best training by expert mentors or professional schools.

The life coaching school should be nationally accredited. The life coaching institution should provide you with the relevant 'Diploma of life coaching'. Research online what this is as this varies from country to country and state to state. This gives you the necessary accreditation to compete for life coaching work in the market place.

What support does the life coaching institute or coach mentor offer you once you have completed the course or modules? Do they offer ongoing support with mentoring programs, newsletters with up to the minute news about the industry. Do they provide you with `networking opportunities or access to industry groups and associations?

Remember be proactive, call different life coaching schools, life coach mentors, coaching institutes, and ask questions, questions, questions. You will soon be able to tell if this is the school or mentor for you.

Why do people need or want a life coach?

People don't want to wait for 'then' or 'the future' to make the most of their life. A life coach will support people, help to achieve the outcomes that they want, and to be the best they can be. No matter what their goals are.

People are absolutely interested in sustaining happiness. Once a life coach has helped you to define what success means to you, whether it be that special job, lifestyle or new skill, a life coach will help you not only to define your objectives but to reach them and keep them. People want to get ahead faster at work or in their business and a life coach or business coach can act as mentor, catalyst and source of support. A life coach can help you to step into leadership, to reach your potential.

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