Maple glazed Calypso™ Sticks

Maple glazed Calypso™ Sticks
Have an extra cheeky summer with Calypso™ Mangoes!

Sultry summer days and ripened cheeks are upon us and that only means one thing - Calypso™ Mangoes are back again!

Juicy and sweet, Calypso™ Mangoes have now hit the shelves and will be available right through until March 2007.

Calypso™ Mangoes offer an indulgence not offered by any other mango. Tired of too much seed and not enough flesh? Sick of mango string in your teeth? Calypso™ Mangoes have a small seed and firm, fibreless flesh meaning no more string, lots more flesh and extra cheek!

Choose a mouth watering extra cheeky Calypso™ Mango to eat on its own or even start the day with chunky Calypso™ pancakes. Better still, impress your guests with flawless maple glazed Calypso™ sticks followed by a scrumptious Classic Calypso™ pavlova.

Stock up on sweet and succulent Calypso™ Mangoes now and have an extra cheeky summer. Calypso™ Mangoes are available in the produce section of major supermarkets and in quality fruit and vegetable stores.

Maple glazed Calypso Sticks

Serves 4 as a light dessert
2 large Calypso™ Mangoes - cut into large chunks
2/3 cup of maple syrup
Yoghurt Dip 2 cups of greek yoghurt
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
4 wooden skewers (pre soaked for a few hours to prevent charring)

1. Heat a flat BBQ plate or a large flat non-stock frypan.
2. Mix the yoghurt and cinnamon in a bowl and chill until ready to serve
3. Coat the Calypso™ cubes in maple syrup and cook on the hot plate or frypan for 3-4 minutes until the syrup begins to caramelize.
4. To serve, thread the Calyspo™ chunks onto wooden skewers and sit on top of small glasses filled with yoghurt dip.

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About Calypso™ Mangoes and The Harvest Company:
Calypso™ Mangoes are the latest taste from The Harvest Company, one of Australia's most innovative fresh produce companies. The Harvest Company introduced Australian consumers to seedless watermelon, Shepard avocado, Personal Melons™ and ready to eat freshcut salads, vegetables and fruit.

Setting an industry benchmark, the Calypso™ Mango is the product of a 15 year mango development program in Queensland and is a combination of the best attributes of the flavoursome Kensington Pride Mango and the Sensation Mango, (known for its distinctive colourings and edible size). Calypso™ Mangoes provide an excellent source of vitamin A, C and E, potassium, beta carotene and other related cartenoids.