Starward Honeycomb Whip Recipe

Starward Honeycomb Whip Recipe



Ingredients (makes 2)  

·        60ml Starward HER Honeycomb  

·        200ml Double Cream  

·        1.5 tbsp Sugar  

·        1 tbsp Hunted+Gathered x Starward Salted Drinking Chocolate 

·        Hunted+Gathered Dark Chocolate Caramelised Hazelnut Pieces 60% Cacao

·        Vanilla Ice Cream

·        Caramelised Hazelnut Pieces to garnish


1.        Place double cream, sugar and drinking chocolate in a bowl 

2.        Use an electric beater to whip together. (A handheld whisk can be used instead)   

3.        Add in Starward HER Honeycomb whisky and whip again   

4.        Place one large scoop of ice cream in short glass   

5.        Top with chocolate whip   

6.        Garnish with dark choc hazelnut pieces 


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