Lynette Bolton Travel Hacks Interview

Lynette Bolton Travel Hacks Interview

Lynette Bolton Travel Hacks Interview

Lynette is an Australian TV and radio presenter, dedicated wife to Sydney Swans Hall of Fame inductee Jude Bolton and mother to their two children Siarra (5) and Piper (2). Lynette is a travel enthusiast, health and wellness advocate and retired celebrity dancer, having been a contestant on the most recent series of Channel 7's Dancing with the Stars with Jude.


A regular presenter on Sydney Weekender, Lynette regularly appears on our television screens and can be heard on 2GB and 2UE co-hosting its national House of Wellness program, as well as other Talking Lifestyle radio segments, discussing the trials and tribulations of parenting, health and wellness, travel and lifestyle choices.


In 2016, Lynette launched an online community for the modern, conscious parent – Love LCB – which features video blogs, interviews, yoga for children and guided meditations – some of which are written and recorded by Lynette – helping parents and their children navigate family life. She is qualified in teaching the foundations of yoga to children and as a meditation facilitator.

Interview with Lynette Bolton

Question: Can you share some of the recent Hotels Combined research that surprised you?

Lynette Bolton: As a mum to two young girls, it didn't really surprise me. Travel is an amazing experience for kids and I've seen first-hand that they come back worldlier, more focused, more confident and more independent.

Question: Where in the world is your favourite place to travel and why?

Lynette Bolton: I just went to Fiji with Jude and the kids and I think it's my favourite place for travelling with children. It's close, the locals are lovely, the weather is beautiful and there are lots of amazing things to do as a family.

If it's a holiday without the kids, I would have to say Paris or New York would be my favourite place because I love food and nightlife and that can sometimes be hard to do when you're travelling with young kids!

Question: How do you always get the best priced holiday for you and your family?

Lynette Bolton: I always get the best priced holiday by planning ahead and doing my research. Websites that compare prices for you take the legwork out of research and sites like compare all the top travel websites in one easy search to guarantee you the best available price.

Question: Do you have any advice for travelling (especially flying) with young children?

Lynette Bolton: The most important advice I can give other parents for travelling with young children is to not set high expectations. Kids don't behave perfectly at the best of times so you can't expect them to behave on a flight in a confined space. If you have a late afternoon, evening or night flight, it's a good idea to keep kids active beforehand to tire them out – whether that be swimming or going to the park. I always pack colouring in books and pencils, snacks, and a DVD player with some movies to keep them entertained on flights.

Question: Do your children enjoy international travelling? Why?

Lynette Bolton: My children love travelling, and we all love travelling as a family. They really love how overseas destinations are different from Australia, whether that be a different language spoken there, a different currency used there or even just different traditions.

Question: Can you share your top seven travel hacks with us?

Lynette Bolton: 1. I love to fake perfectly ironed clothes by rolling clothes in my suitcase rather than folding them – it also saves room in your case for souvenirs or holiday shopping.
2. Book outside of local events for better-quality and more affordable accommodation. Even consider the day and time that you arrive to your destination. You don't want to get a flight to LA and arrive on a Monday morning because you'll be sitting in peak hour traffic on your way to the hotel.
3. If you are staying in an average hotel, but want to enjoy five-star amenities, ask to use the pool, gym or outdoor areas of the nearest luxury hotel. Hotels often charge a casual rate for the use of their pool or gym – or, if it's quiet and you ask nicely, the hotel staff might grant you complimentary access.
4. Use booking sites that search and compare all the major hotel booking sites to get the best deal.
5. Avoid getting stuck in lines – especially with tired or cranky kids – if your plane is cancelled or delayed by phoning the airline from the airport to resolve the issue rather than wait in a queue to talk to airline staff.
6. Mark your baggage as -fragile' to ensure that it's handled better as it goes through security. Luggage labelled as fragile are always the first to be released on to luggage carousal, helping you get out of the airport quicker.
7. Save yourself money when changing currency by using ATMs to withdraw money directly from your bank account when you have landed at your destination. Often, currency converters located at airports tend to have high conversion fees.

Question: Is Wi-Fi a big factor for you when booking a hotel?

Lynette Bolton: Generally, it's not something I look into much in advance because I think nowadays, it's expected that you're going to get Wi-Fi included as part of your accommodation.

Question: What advice do you have for Australians who struggle to switch-off from work mode, when travelling?

Lynette Bolton: The first thing you should do is put your out of office on, and turn your phone – and roaming – off. Make sure everyone knows you're away and then make sure it's not easy to tune back into work. I also like to stop emails on my phone while on holiday. If you can't go cold turkey and need to transition into a change of pace, give yourself a couple of days at the start to adjust before you disconnect from work completely.

Question: Where is next on your travel itinerary?

Lynette Bolton: My next trip is Vegas in October to catch up with some friends! Jude and the kids are going to meet me in LA following and then we are going to take the girls to Disneyland – which they are very excited about – and then we'll drive up to San Francisco. We have just started planning our hotel accommodation – we're very excited!

Interview by Brooke Hunter