North West Queensland

North West Queensland

A tiny North West Queensland outpost etched within a swirl of waterways and salt pans fringing the remote shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Moungibi (Burketown) is truly a magical destination.


One of Queensland's most remote frontiers, Moungibi is where Gangalidda and Garawa Traditional Custodians continue to honour, protect and shape country; as they have done for thousands of years.


It's a place where Barramundi always bite (it's the barramundi capital of Australia after all), while at night, against the pale glowing backdrop of Australia's largest salt pans, you'll see more stars in the sky than anywhere else.


Let the magic of Burketown guide you through an unforgettable journey filled with captivating experiences and breathtaking landscapes. This part of Queensland holds a rugged beauty all of its own, so you can easily spend a few weeks here (as many do), but to get you started, we've curated the ultimate must-do guide to help you unlock the wonders of this remarkable destination.



Yagurli Sunset Cruise 

Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure filled with captivating experiences and breathtaking landscapes? Delve into the heart and soul of Burketown with a Yagurli Sunset Cruise experience. Prepare to be enchanted as you glide along the tranquil waters of the Albert River, surrounded by breathtaking scenery that seems straight out of a dream. As the sun descends below the horizon, casting vibrant hues across the sky, you'll feel a sense of wonder and awe like never before while devouring a divine charcuterie board. Yagurli Sunset Cruise is not like any other boat ride; experienced Gangalidda guides will share their traditional knowledge and unique insights into the local river system and its diverse range of wildlife that calls this majestic beauty home. Grab your camera, gather your loved one, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure where every moment is etched in your memory forever.


Hot Balloon over Salt Pans  

Get ready to stimulate your sense of wonder and embark on a breathtaking journey that will leave you in awe. Experience the inspiring beauty of Burketown from a whole new perspective on a Yagurli Tours Hot Air Balloon. As you gently ascent into the sky, prepare to be captivated by the panoramic views of Australia's largest salt pan stretching out before you. With a glass of champagne in hand, drift above this unique natural phenomenon, feeling the exhilaration that comes with floating effortlessly though the air. Capture the perfect moment as the vibrant colours of an Outback sunrise bathe the Albert River in a captivating glow. This once in a lifetime experience will leave you stunned of the untamed beauty of the Gulf Country that lies below.


Yagurli Fishing Charter 

Pack your fishing hat and prepare for an exciting expedition on the Yagurli Fishing Charter. Get ready to cast your line in the pristine waters of Albert River, renowned for its abundant fish populations, incredible biodiversity and barramundi galore! With Yagurli Tours, you'll be equipped with expert fishing guides and state of the art equipment to ensure you reel in the catch of a lifetime in the Barramundi capital of Australia. As you navigate through the iconic rivers winding channels and witness spectacular scenery, you'll understand why Burketown is a haven for fishing enthusiasts.

Stay at the Savannah Lodge 

Take a break from the road and relax in an outback oasis, where adventure and comfort intersect in the heart of Burketown. With cabin-style accommodation, Savannah Lodge offers a charming and cozy retreat that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern amenities. From the rugged wilderness to the nearby attractions, the heavenly lodge is the perfect launch pad for your Burketown escapades. Wind down after a day of exploration at Poppy Joe's, a quintessential outback pub which overlooks the sprawling landscapes and oh-so inviting swimming pool. Whether you're a solo traveller, a couple seeking romance or a family yearning for a memorable getaway, your next breathtaking stay awaits at Savannah Lodge.


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