Lost Souls

Lost Souls

ON DVD - TO RENT AND OWN and WIN!October 24, 2001
"Stylish! Shocking! Impressive! LOST SOULS is a first-rate thriller!" - Associated Press
On October 24, 2001 Roadshow Entertainment will give you the thrill of your life with the release of LOST SOULS on DVD starring Winona Ryder, Ben Chaplin and Australia's own Sarah Wynter.

LOST SOULS on DVD features widescreen 16.9 enhanced presentation, English subtitles for the hearing impaired, theatrical trailer plus scene selection. This DVD also includes: director's commentary, nine deleted scenes and cast and crew filmographies.

Only on DVD can you witness the powerful and intimate audio commentary from director, Janusz Kaminski and director of photography, Mario Fiore. In this exclusive feature, Kaminski and Fiore explore the haunting scenes in the movie and express how they wish to inspire their audience with LOST SOULS.

LOST SOULS on DVD features nine deleted scenes with optional director's commentary including: Inside Tip, Viznik Trial - Alternate Cut 1, Viznik Trial - Alternate Cut 2, Maya Investigates, Tape Discussion - Alternate Cut, Dinner With Clarke, Peter's Suspicions - Alternate Cut, Lareax's Exorcism - Alternate Cut, Maya's Past and Bicycle Accident.

This DVD also includes cast and crew filmographies for Ryder, Chaplin, Wynter, Kaminski, Phillip Baker Hall, Elias Koteas and John Hurt.

LOST SOULS commences on the eve of acclaimed crime author Peter Kelson's (Chaplin) 33rd birthday when the Devil will take possession of his soul. It is written. He is the chosen one. But he has no idea of the transformation that is about to befall him. But one person does. Maya Larkin (Ryder) is a fragile, tormented woman, haunted by memories of her own past possession. She alone has the knowledge to stop the transformation. But does she have the power to stop it?

Making his directorial debut, Kaminski, the Academy Award® winning cinematographer of "Schindler's List" and "Saving Private Ryan" has created a truly spine-tingling exploration of the battle between good and evil. With all the suffocating atmosphere of "Rosemary's Baby" and the sheer terror of "The Exorcist", LOST SOULS "will chill you to the bone" - Philadelphia Inquirer.

LOST SOULS on DVD is rated MA15+ with a running time of approximately 94 minutes.