Share your Puppy Love with Liv Pet Pals

Share your Puppy Love with Liv Pet Pals

Share your Puppy Love with Liv Pet Pals

Pamper and pat the brand new, and very cute, puppy pals of Sophie (Frizzy, Shih Tzu), Alexis (Lacey, Bichon Frise), Daniela (DJ, the Yellow Lab), and Katie (Sk8, the Collie).

Some say that puppies mirror their owners' personalities ... get to know the Liv girls' adorable little pets and decide for yourself:

Sophie just can't hold back her passion for hairdressing... so now she can cut and style her Shih Tzu's fur! A shampoo and a quick dry makes for a very fluffy Frizzy. Sophie can create cute 'fur styles' for each of her friends' pups. But perhaps hold on the cut and colour!!

Alexis will be in fashion heaven designing cute puppy fashions for Lacey, when even a walk to the shops or the park requires a special outfit! Alexis can create ear muffs, hats, blankets or warm woolly jumpers for all of her friends' pups... depending on the season of course. Who's a cute little puppy fashionista?

Can Daniela teach her yellow lab DJ to bark in tune to her music? Rock, or pop, it's music to her ears as her pup tries to sing along. Daniela might create a new 'pup' tune for her after-school gigs! With her friends' pups as back-up dog stars, Daniela will have a quartet of sounds to sing to!

Katie's collie Sk8 will certainly keep fit trying to keep up with her extreme outdoor activities. Always on the go, Katie will keep SK8 on his toes. In fact, she can keep all the pups out of puff with her regular exercise regime.

Each Liv with Pets comes complete with your favourite Liv character doll, individual doll fashion and accessories; plus a pup with fashion outfit, leash and accessories.

And remember to visit the Liv girls and their pet pals online for some extra puppy mayhem at

Liv Pet Pals are every young girls dream, combining their love for animals with fashion & fun makes the perfect role play toy. When in doubt this makes the perfect Christmas present this year for 4 - 8 year olds.

Liv with Pets
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