Aussie Toymaker Sqwishes into the Australian Market

Aussie Toymaker Sqwishes into the Australian Market

Aussie Toymaker Sqwishes into the Australian Market

Australian entrepreneur now based in the USA, Graeme Warring has made his mark overseas creating hugely popular toys, collectibles and other youth brands that have cemented him as another Australian success in an extremely competitive industry.

Graeme has been self employed since graduating from university in 1987 and currently the President and CEO of Warring Tribes Investments LLC based in Scottsdale, Arizona; an investment vehicle owned by Graeme and his wife Penny Warring. Their company is continually growing and is expected to make $50,000,000 USD in 2011 through their various branded ventures.

Graeme is also founder of FunGuy Studio, a company owned and managed under Warring Tribes Investments LLC which specialises in creating high-end Flash Games and MMO platforms and Brand Vending, a leader in the market of bulk vending products. Their current venture is the creation of SqwishLand, a joint venture with America's leading bulk vending company, Brand Vending LLC. Sqwishland is a unique concept and a patented world first that links millions of vending machines to the web as one of the hottest toy lines in the USA and is about to be launched in Europe and Australia.

SqwishLand is a massively multi player online game which is marketed by combining an online game code with a physical collectible known affectionately by kids the world over as Squishy. Having sold over 29,000,000 since its release through over 300,000 vending machines, it has now transitioned to retail and is on sale through leading mass retailers throughout the USA.

Graeme says: "It is the first time any toy company has combined a three ecosystem approach to experience development on this scale and in our view will be the way of the future. The business was able to successfully create a business process patent around the approach. The business has already faced its first salvo of copycat competitors, however none have invested the time, money and resource to view the business as the Sqwishland founders have."

Graeme also made news headlines in the USA in 2009 when he created the controversial Bernard Madoff doll, a US financier who was accused of a $50bn fraud. The Smash-Me Bernie figurine wore a devil's red suit with a trident and came with a golden hammer for smashing the doll into pieces. The idea came to Graeme after his friend lost his money in the Madoff scandal.

Graeme's love for youth brands has also seen him create ModelWorks LCC which produces the world's finest hand-made military, civilian and airline models since 1988.

Graeme's passion has not always involved toys however as his love for adventure travel led him to be co-founder and CEO of the successful, Base Backpackers chain developed with Accor Hotels which he is still an active shareholder in. He was also co-founder of Oz Experience and Kiwi Experience, one of the first adventure travel companies to offer an off beaten track travel experience throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Graeme is excited about the release of SqwishLand into the Australian market and currently seeking local distributors for the toy craze which is set to make a huge impact with consumers.

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