Ice Age

Ice Age
Release Date: 21st March, 2002
Cast (Voices): Ray Romano, John Legiuzamo and Jane Krakowski
Director: Chris Wedge
Screenplay by: Chris Wedge
Genre: Animation
Rated: TBA

As thousands of prehistoric mammals migrate south to avoid the oncoming winter, we find a lone wooly mammoth heading north. Manfred, the sullen and sarcastic mammoth (Romano) quickly finds himself unwilling paired with Sid, the overly confident, somewhat irritating sloth (Legiuzamo). Before Manfred can get rid of Sid, the two come upon a human infant whose mother died in order to save him. Sid convinces Manfred to return the baby to his herd (family), but the two must accept the help of Diego (Leary), the sly saber too tiger, in order to track down the human tribe. After a humorous and heartwarming journey, Diego must decide whether to side with his new friends or deliver the human baby to the vengeful leader of the saber tooth tiger pack.

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