Hair Q&A with Brad Ngata

Hair Q&A with Brad Ngata
We welcome aboard the ever-growing Femail team, Brad Ngata, creative director and owner of Sydney's newest 'boutique' salon, Brad Ngata Hair Direction.

Brad has been established in the Australian hairdressing industry for over two decades and is held in high esteem by industry professionals and the media alike. He is firmly in touch with the latest hair directions and techniques, and is also in high demand for regular session styling with leading Australian glossy magazines.

We are fortunate enough to have him join as our resident hair guru. Each month Brad will address YOUR hair concerns and queries, so start sending in those questions! In the meantime, enjoy reading some of Brad's expert tips & advice.

Q. How do you prevent split ends?
I recommend regular trims every six weeks and also a salon conditioning treatment. Home hair care is crucial to maintaining hair condition. Try Kms Daily Fixx shampoo and reconstructor. The Turnstylr Back to Life revival crème is an effective moisturiser for hair and helps keep the cuticles smooth - a must have for any Summer hair care regimen.

Q. How do you make curly hair shine?
Try a semi permanent colour to replace lost shine. The shade doesn't need to be a drastic change from your existing colour but will help even out the tone. The Kms Curl Up Regime and particularly the Shampoo, and Curl Quencher promote moisture which will enchance shine by closing the hair cuticle which increases shine. Turnstylr Head Wetter will give instant shine with one simple spritz.

Brad Ngata Hair Direction is located at 275 Goulburn St, Darlinghurst, NSW 2010.

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