4 Industries Fuelling the Rise of the Entrepreneur

4 Industries Fuelling the Rise of the Entrepreneur

4 Industries Fuelling the Rise of the Entrepreneur

Over the last decade, the entrepreneurial spirit has come to dominate developed and emerging markets. Everywhere you look, there's a passionate, innovative team making history and changing the world in an entirely new way. It is great for the Australian economy, and it is encouraging the government to provide more funding for small businesses.

However, it does mean that competition is fierce. There are a lot more entrepreneurs and smaller ventures around than there were five years ago. Investors have become pickier because the options are abundant. Consumers are getting more scrupulous too, so entrepreneurs need to make careful use of flexible business models and corporate resources.

This guide to some of the best resources is going to talk about which modern industries entrepreneurs should be exploiting.

Virtual Offices

The rise of the entrepreneur has fuelled the evolution of a new type of business model – remote work. It is now perfectly normal for small teams and start-ups to operate out of flexible workspaces. Click here for an example of what this business model provides.

Virtual offices are fully equipped corporate suites. Costs are kept really low because all of the tenants share a communal work environment. It means that there are no contracts, no lock-in fees, and no complicated terms to shirk when you want to change your service or resources.

Mobile Collaboration

When you are on the move, working out of shared offices, you need a secure way to bring critical data with you. Not only that, but it should be easy to pass documents back and forth, between employees, partners, vendors, and investors.

The continued development of mobile editing software and file sharing programs is making this possible. Workplace communication tools such as Slack and HipChat are facilitating smoother interactions, while DropBox and GoogleDrive are making it easier to collaborate with team members, even over long distances.

Start Up Funding

One of the most influential industries is the system of flexible loans and financing options which have grown up around entrepreneurial business models. Governments all around the world, including Australia, have vastly increased the amount of support available for smaller ventures and start-ups.

While there always been finance on offer to entrepreneurs, much of it did not cater to their specific needs. For instance, contemporary funding options place a lot more emphasis on launch capital and providing easier access to setup resources. It may be easier for small businesses to make money with less, but they often need a bigger push to get started.

Outsourced HR

The popularity of virtual workspaces, like the ones at Chifley Tower and Barangaroo, is helping small businesses to cut costs by streamlining HR. When you are just starting out, the difference between hiring a full-time employee and working with a remote freelancer can be huge.

If you outsource, you get the support, but with enough flexibility to make quick changes if the money runs out. Plus, studies have shown that remote employees are some of the most productive. They work hard and provide great results because they are allowed to pick the routines with which they feel most compatible.

Why Virtual Offices Are Your Ticket to Success

If you never tried coworking spaces before, 2017 is the year to change that. These flexible, innovative office solutions are fast becoming the -new normal.' Soon, most businesses will be collaborating with remote employees, networking in shared environments, and proving that you do not have to settle for a long-term lease to enjoy corporate and commercial security.

Getting on board is easy. There are several virtual providers in Sydney and the other big Australian cities. There is no contract. So, you can move in at any time. Plus, shared workspaces are a great way to network, so entrepreneurs who are new to the area should think about giving them a try.