Belinda Kinderman Australian School of Management Interview

Belinda Kinderman Australian School of Management Interview

Interview with Belinda Kinderman, Head of Student Recruitment, Domestic with the Australian School of Management (ASM)

Question: Why do people think about changing career?

Belinda Kinderman: I think as we get older and we become more in tune with our true selves, we want to explore careers that satisfy our passions, play to our strengths and position us for a fulfilling future. Often we fall into careers at an early age because we were in the right place at the right time rather than by design. We increasingly take control of our professional and personal destinies and this often involves upgrading our skills and trying new jobs that match who we are at that point.

Question: How often will people action their goals for a new career?

Belinda Kinderman:The world is an ever evolving place and people now change jobs on average twelve times throughout their career. Actioning career goals is often a real balancing act with many variables. Influencing factors include financial stability, family commitments, potential relocation, support networks, timeframes and skill sets to name a few. All these need to be considered and planned for before embarking on chasing a new career. Nothing is linear anymore and new careers build on what you have learned and become, so everything you do is useful and transferable.

Question: Can you share your changing career tips?

Belinda Kinderman:  I have always found it helpful to engage with someone in the industry or role you aspire to be in as it's a way to gain insights and alignment. After this, you can begin to assess what skills or education you may need and what pathways are available to enable you to achieve your goals. Most importantly, make a plan and believe in yourself. You are often the only thing that stands between you and achieving your professional ambitions.

Question: What is the Australian School of Management?

Belinda Kinderman:  The Australian School of Management (ASM) is a leading private higher education provider offering accredited bachelor degrees, associate degrees and diplomas in business and hotel management. We believe in bringing learning to life and cultivating an environment that allows you to put theory into practice, every day. A strong focus on employment skills, graduate employability and an 'each student counts" approach to what we do sets us apart.

Question: Can you tell us about the type of learning the Australian School of Management offers?

Belinda Kinderman: At ASM we understand that there are different learning styles for everybody. Therefore we offer campus delivery in both the heart of Melbourne and Perth and we also deliver on a digital platform. The class sizes are small and the personal attention is high. You can take control of your learning journey fully supported by our committed and dedicated team.

Question: What courses are offered at the Australian School of Management?

Belinda Kinderman:  We offer accredited bachelor degrees, associate degrees and diplomas in business and hotel management. Our Diplomas in business have majors of Leadership, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Hospitality Management.

Question: What is your role at the Australian School of Management?

Belinda Kinderman: I am the Head of Student Recruitment, domestically

Question: Why is online learning a good option for Australians?

Belinda Kinderman: There are so many benefits to the online learning environment for all Australians; accessibility 24/7, self-paced learning, no commuting to campus, the flexibility to study whilst still working or juggling family commitments, the comfort of being in your own environment, the flexibility of being able to study anywhere at any time.

Online learning caters for different learning styles through video, text, one on one or collaborative forums and it also provides you with real world skills such as technology usage, online communications and web research. That's why we chose to launch a Digital Campus – interactive and responsive to your individual needs. It's really not a case of downloading files of notes and hoping for the best – digital engagement make for much better and exciting learning.

Question: What courses are appealing to return to work mothers?

Belinda Kinderman: In recent years we have seen an uprising of the -mumpreneurs" – working mothers who leave behind the stresses of working for others to find fulfilment and success running their own businesses. Home-based businesses are one of the fastest growing business sectors in Australia, and mothers of young children are up to three times more likely to be self-employed than other working women, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It is this insurgence that has lead return to work mothers to study online in their home environment. One of ASM's most popular courses, the Bachelor of Business, is particularly attractive as a study option for women who aspire to own their own business.

Bachelor of Business graduates develop a well-rounded knowledge of management, finance, business law, taxation and marketing and this provides a solid foundation for women embarking into the world of self-employment. The qualification can be achieved via flexible, online delivery allowing both working women looking for a career change and stay-at-home parents the flexibility to fit their study into their life.

Question: Can you explain the one-to-one mentoring you offer?

Belinda Kinderman: In addition to the 16 week internship offered in our bachelor qualifications, ASM understands the key to success is ultimately your employability. 100% of our student's complete internships and this has often led directly to employment in their area of study.

At ASM we are committed to giving our students access to real world, career-related training activities and employability resources. This helps us ensure our graduates are job ready with industry leading skills.

One on one mentorship is offered by senior students, staff and industry executives as we understand that surrounding yourself with great people contributes to your overall success.

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