E.R: The Complete Fifteenth Season

E.R: The Complete Fifteenth Season

E.R: The Complete Fifteenth Season

Genre: Medical, Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 929 minutes

With sirens wailing, an ambulance pulls into the bay. Doctors coping with too little sleep and too many patients rush to help, making split-second judgments that can mean the difference between life and death. Gurneys roll. Tensions rise. Medical miracles - or heartbreaks - unfold. And the final season of ER goes out as it came in 15 seasons before - with an electrifying mix of complex characters, rich storylines, brisk pacing and kinetic style.

Favourite characters from the past (some you expect, some may surprise you) return in this 22-episode valedictory season of the series that shattered the mold for medical dramas. You've come to the right place. Check in one last, momentous time at County General.

Special Features:
Outpatient Outtakes: Unaired Scenes
Previously on E.R.: Retrospective Featurette.

E.R Season Fifteen
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Episode 1: Life After Death: Wounded comrades: The ambulance explosion leaves Abby with only a broken wrist. But Pratt isn't so lucky.

Episode 2: Another Thursday at County: Saddened by the loss of one of their own, the staff must also contend with Dr. Banfield, the tough new ER chief.

Episode 3: The Book of Abby: On her last day, Abby comes to the rescue of Sam, Morris, a high school coach, the coach's student and the rabbi who performed her wedding.

Episode 4: Parental Guidance: Banfield brings a bruised-and-beaten mugger into the ER. Seems he picked on the wrong mark: Banfield.

Episode 5: Haunted: On Halloween, Ray returns to the ER dressed as Frankenstein's monster and walking steadily on prosthetic legs.

Episode 6: Oh, Brother: Morris alienates the interns, Chaz disrupts the ER, Daria perplexes Gates and Frank gives Banfield the perfect scaloppine recipe.

Episode 7: Heal Thyself: Fighting to save a child's life, Banfield flashes back to memories of her own son's devoted ER doctor: Mark Greene.

Episode 8: Age of Innocence: Gates hunts for Max, the surgery department is sued (thanks, Andrew!) and Brenner goes ballistic on a patient.

Episode 9: Let It Snow: Baby, it's cold inside. Snowed in at an Omaha conference, Banfield and Morris warm up their frosty relationship at the hotel bar.

Episode 10: The High Holiday: Busier than Santa's workshop: Patients pour in, Jerry returns and the staff accidentally noshes on "special" brownies.

Episode 11: Separation Anxiety: Despite her age, Banfield decides to become a mother again. But Mother Nature may have a different idea.

Episode 12: Dream Runner: Dreams and reality cross for Neela on a remarkable day that also includes an unexpected reunion with Dr. Corday.

Episode 13: Love Is a Battlefield: Love complicates life for members of the ER staff, a teenage patient and a couple who've been on again, off again for 50 years.

Episode 14: A Long, Strange Trip: Then: An elderly doctor with dementia hallucinates the ER back to the '60s. Now: Dr. Morgenstern returns to do a good deed.

Episode 15: The Family Man: An injured mum has a bigger problem than a broken hip: no one to look after her little girl. And Morris proves himself a superhero.

Episode 16: The Beginning of the End: Valentine's Day aims straight for the heart: Lucy may be orphaned, and Dr. Carter walks in, offering to pick up a few shifts.

Episode 17: T-Minus-6: An apartment building explosion plunges Carter right back into the ER action. Later, he shares a secret with Banfield.
Episode 18: What We Do: "Whatever you can imagine, it happens here." Filmmakers visit the ER, capturing everything from jokes and jibes to life and death.

Episode 19: Old Times: As he awaits his kidney transplant, Carter gets help from three old friends: Ross, Hathaway and Benton.

Episode 20: Shifting Equilibrium: Farewell to a dedicated healer: Neela makes peace with Dubenko and Brenner, then leaves County for a new life.

Episode 21: I Feel Good: Working at a camp for kids with heart disease opens Morris' heart. The Banfields get a chance to be parents again.

Episode 22: And in the End...: ER ends, but the ER continues its lifesaving work in an intense double-length finale filled with excitement, drama, inspiration and faces from the past.