Enduring Love DVD

Enduring Love DVD

Starring: Daniel Craig, Samantha Morton, Rhys Ifans, Bill Nighy (State Of Play) and Andrew Lincoln (This Life).
Director: Roger Mitchell
Rated: M
Runing Time: 96 min

Based on the acclaimed novel by Ian McEwan, Enduring Love is a psychological suspense thriller about how fate shapes our relationships, how accidents can change our lives and how meaning is unravelled from sheer chaos.

Joe Rose (Daniel Craig) and girlfriend Claire (Samantha Morton; In America) finds their lives changed forever when they are present at the scene of a tragic accident.

Another witness, Jed (Rhys Ifans; Notting Hill) later expresses an urgent need to meet with Joe. An intense and brooding soul, Jed insists that he and Joe have shared a powerful moment together and shadows him with a persistent desperation Joe cannot understand or escape. Soon, the neatly ordered life that Joe has so carefully created for himself begins to rupture at the seams.

As Jed's obsession grows more and more powerful, it turns increasingly ominous. It begins to threaten Joe's relationship with Claire. How can Joe reconcile the passion in his own heart with the passion that has brought a madman to his doorstep? His beliefs shaken to the core, Joe is driven to the brink of madness and murder himself, as he is forced to confront the mystery not only of what they saw on that terrible day, but of love, faith and forgiveness.

Special Features:
Deleted scenes
Feature Commentary by Director Roger Michell & Producer Kevin Loader
Featurette: Filming The Balloon
Featurette: The Actors Story
Featurette: The Film & The Novel
TV Spots
Short film 'Burst' directed by Olivia Peniston-Bird


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