Election, The Asian 'Godfather'

Election, The Asian 'Godfather'

Starring: Simon Yam, Tony Leung, Wang Tian-lin
Director: Johnnie To
Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 100 mins

Doing for Hong Kong Triads what the Godfather did for New York Italian mafia, cult Hong Kong director Johnnie To brings together aluminous cast in a tale of age-old brotherhood traditions meeting cut-throat 21st-century ambition. Election offers plenty of explosive action as well as a window into the inner-workings of one of the world's most secret crime organisations.

Elections are always tense, but none more than the leadership of Hong Kong's largest and oldest criminal triad. The level-headed Lok and the megalomaniac Big D vie for the chairmanship of the 50,000 strong Wo Shing Triad. Bid D will do whatever it takes to win, but Lok defeats him when the respected Uncle Teng intervenes. Enraged, Big D prevents the ceremonial baton being transferred to his nemesis, this symbol of power signaling the ultimate transferal of authority.

When the baton disappears onto the mainland, the dizzying fury of the triad society is unleashed and the real power struggle begins, with some ruthless action marking the wresting of the baton.

Special Features:
The Making of Election
Interview with Johnnie To
Interview with Simon Yam
Interview with Tony Leung
Interview with Wang Tian-lin


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