Donna Hay Magazine 53 Spring 2010

Donna Hay Magazine 53 Spring 2010

Donna Hay Magazine Spring 2010

It's time to get fresh this Spring!

Donna Hay Magazine have been busy bees and their spring issue is perfectly timed to celebrate the warmer weather, aiming to make all things casual speed and the special easy. Full of cool, fresh ingredients, classic family favourites and even a hint of efficiency, it's all presented in an impeccable ensemble. So happy are we that spring is in the air, readers will receive our gift of a Donna Hay pot-holder with this issue.

The onset of the warmer months sees us excited to get back outdoors and lay on our spring charm. With our social calendars starting to warm up, it's all about simple and light meals, modern, delicate flavours and cooking styles that make the most of the season, from barbecued feasts laden with flavour to our cheat's ice-creams. We even welcome the humble cucumber back to our table.

Best of lamb Sink your teeth into our sumptuous lamb recipes, showcasing the versatility and flavour of this juicy, tender meat. From a classic roast to a casual backyard barbecue, lamb is the perfect match to spring's fresh produce.

Wrap it up Create an instant repertoire of juicy and fragrant dishes using little more than simple baking paper and kitchen twine. From seafood to pasta, cooking in paper harnesses steam and keeps food full of flavour.

Japanese translations Don't let this elegant cuisine fool you- it's a simple as it is stunning. Try out modern take on classic Japanese dishes that marry a contrast of flavours, textures and colours to create delectable feasts.

Sweet as honey There's a buzz in the air as nature's nectar is about to enter its golden age. Celebrate honey's abundance with a sweet spread, from a decadent layer cake to delicate panna cotta and crowd-pleasing cupcakes.

Donna Hay Magazine Issue 53