Dirt TV Series Season 1 on DVD

Dirt TV Series Season 1 on DVD

Starring: Courteney Cox, Ian Hart, Josh Stewart, Alexandra Breckenridge, Laura Allen, Johnny Drocco
Director: Matthew Carnahan
Producer: Joel Fields, Joe De Oliveira, Thea Mann
Genre: TV Servies - Season 1
Rated: MA15+

Take a closer look at the sensational and intriguing world of celebrity, fame, and power through the eyes of Lucy Spiller (Courteney Cox), the woman Hollywood loves to hate but hates to cross.

As editor-in-chief of Hollywood's most influential gossip rag, Spiller can make or break a celebrity, but her obsession with outing the darker side of the glamorous life unleashes the demons of her own past and makes her a victim of the machine she has created.

Dig deep with Dirt: The Complete First Season. Experience every sumptuous episode, plus exciting bonus features you can't see anywhere else, in this four-disc set. It's tempting television at its best.

Dirt: The Complete First Season takes a ruthless behind-the-scenes look at the surreal world of Hollywoods glitz and glamour through the eyes of Lucy Spiller (Courtney Cox, Executive Producer), Editor-in-Chief of one of Hollywoods most influential gossip magazines - Dirt Now.

With the ability to make or break a career in Tinsel Town, Lucy mercilessly hunts down story leads until the truth is exposed. With the support of her schizophrenic paparazzo colleague and close friend, Don Konkey (Ian Hart), Lucy and her team of reporters dig deep to dish up Hollywoods juiciest gossip.

In Dirt: The Complete First Season, Lucy spares no expense in her quest for rancorous accuracy. In order to gain exclusives ahead of rival publications and meet her publishers demands, Lucys scheming team of reporters set out to reveal explosive accounts of drugs, sex and murder occurring in a seemingly perfect world.

As the series develops so to does Lucys obsession with outing the darker side of Hollywoods rich and famous unleashing the demons of her own past and making her a victim of the machine she has created.

In addition to starring Courtney Cox, Dirt: The Complete First Season also boasts the talents of Ian Hart (Don Konkey), Josh Stewart (Holt Mclaren), Jeffrey Nordling (Brent Burrow), Alexandria Breckinridge (Willa McPherson), Laura Allen (Julie Mallory) and Shannyn Sossomon (Kira Klay).

Special Features
* Celebrity couple gets dirty - Courtney Cox and David Arquette share the battles behind Dirt and how the show came to be;
* Through a lens, darkly - A fascinating profile of the shows resident photographer and schizophrenic, featuring interviews with the cast and crew;
* Tabloid wars - True stories from the celebrity trenches with real tabloid gurus, media experts and actors examining the worlds appetite for celebrity gossip and sharing their opinion on whether Dirt reflects the industry; and
* Gag Reel

* Deleted scenes, outtakes plus more.

RRP: $49.95

Review: This saucy new series is the perfect new drama for those who love 'sex and the city'. Taking gossip to the gutters can be so much fun, especially if you are the one who knows the dirt. Totally addictive!