Dinner For Schmucks DVD

Dinner For Schmucks DVD

Dinner For Schmucks DVD

Cast: Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, Jemaine Clemen, Jeff Dunham, Bruce Greenwood, Ron Livingston, Lucy Punch, David Walliams, Larry Wilmore, Kristen Schaal
Director: Jay Roach
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 109 minutes

Directed by Jay Roach, who was awarded Comedy Director of the Decade at ShoWest in 2010, Dinner For Schmucks is the outrageously funny and heartwarming story of a rising executive (Paul Rudd) who inadvertently finds a way to fast-track his career by participating in his boss's exclusive dinner party, at which the winning executive brings the biggest buffoon. Enter Barry (Steve Carell), an IRS employee with a penchant for creating historical dioramas with mice, and you have a recipe for one outrageous dinner and the funniest movie since The Hangover.

Special Features:
Both discs include the following special features (in HD on Blu-ray disc):
The Biggest Schmucks in the World
Schmuck Ups-Gag Reel
Deleted Scenes

The Blu-ray also includes the following in HD, in addition to the above:
The Men Behind the Mousterpieces
Meet The Winners
Paul and Steve: The Decision-LeBron James press conference spoof

Dinner For Schmucks
RRP: $39.95
Blu-ray: $49.95


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