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Contact Lenses Health
Blink™ don't lick to refresh dry, gritty contact lenses

One in four contact lens wearers has dangerously licked their lenses to re-hydrate them for comfortable wear, according to new consumer research released today by Now, around 700,000 Australians who wear contact lenses can benefit from a fast, hygienic and clinically effective solution that is as natural as tears.

Blink™ Contacts is an advanced re-wetting (lubricating) eye drop solution that provides long-lasting moisture. The formulation is preservative-free in the eye, non-toxic and non-irritating solution1 has been designed to be added to the eye with the contact lens in place, avoiding removal of the lens and excess handling.

According to Optometrist Wendy Ho, from Who's Eyes, Sydney, licking a contact lens before placing it in the eye is a dangerous and unnecessary way to refresh the lens or the eye.

"Unfortunately common side effects of wearing contact lenses including mild irritation, a gritty sensation, red and tired eyes, are often due to dry eyes or dry contact lenses.

"While saliva is a natural product of the human body, it is made up of digestive enzymes that break down other organisms. At any one time, saliva may also contain food or other foreign particles that should not be introduced to the eye," said Ms Ho.

"As many may have seen in the very public case of Australian boxer, Anthony Mundine, licking a contact lens and then placing it back in the eye can cause serious infection. In some cases, the infection may be so severe that it causes permanent damage or blindness."

But there is good news for the 59 per cent of contact lens wearers who suffer from dry or irritated lenses at least once a day,2 with Blink™ Contacts - the convenient, new generation re-wetter - which is now available in Australia.

The new research reveals that 61 per cent of contact lens wearers prefer to use a re-wetting eye drop such as Blink™ Contacts when the body's natural method of lubricating the eye, blinking, is not enough. And given that we humans blink 17, 000 times a day3 to keep our eyes moist, a little help can go a long way.

Blink™ Contacts contain a unique lubricant called hyaluronate (HA), which is found throughout the body including the eyes. HA is touted as a superior lubricant because of its high water binding capacity that creates a protective, lubricating shield on the eye. HA copies the role of tears and ensures eyes and lenses remain moist before and after blinking.

Blink™ Contacts is also fortified with electrolytes that are found in natural tears and this helps maintain moist, healthy eyes.

Ms Ho said that Blink™ Contacts is suitable for most people who wear either soft or hard/RGP lenses.

"One of the main concerns of those who wear contact lenses is sensitivity to preservatives in lens care products. According to the latest consumer research, 26 per cent of contact lens wearers wanted a re-wetting solution that was preservative free as much as non-toxic (11 per cent).

"Blink™ Contacts is one of the few re-wetters on the market that contains Ocupure™, a preservative that gives the eye drops a longer shelf life. However, when Ocupure™ is exposed to light, it breaks down to natural tear components and Blink™ Contacts becomes preservative-free in the eye," Ms Ho said.

Rigorous testing of Blink™ Contacts shows it is non-cytoxic, non-irritating and a well tolerated eye drop for contact lens wearers.2

As well as being a convenient re-wetter that can be applied throughout the day (it comes in a handy travel pack size), Blink™ Contacts can also be used to cushion the contact lens upon insertion. By placing a drop or two on the back of the lens and then inserting it in the eye, contact lens wear remains moist and comfortable.

Contact lens irritation can be attributed to many sources. However, 57 per cent of contact lens wearers cite air-conditioning as the main irritant, as well as long periods of concentration (17 per cent), smokey environments (10 per cent), harsh lighting from computers or offices (9 per cent) and humid weather (5 per cent).

Unfortunately irritated eyes, and dry, gritty contact lenses can cause secondary problems such as eye strain, found in 35 per cent of contact lens wearers. Other secondary problems include headaches (33 per cent), frustration (18 per cent) and loss of concentration (8 per cent).

With that in mind, it's no surprise that 17 per cent of contact lens wearers end up removing their lenses and either wear glasses or nothing at all.

For more information on Blink™ Contacts or for a free sample go to

Blink Contacts should only be used as directed. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients. Should irritation occur, discontinue use and consult your eye care professional. Active ingredient is sodium hyaluronate 0.15%.

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