Nipple Surgery for mothers who breastfeed

Nipple Surgery for mothers who breastfeed
You couldn't get enough of them when you were a baby and some men still can't. Call them tits or teats, call them nipples, call them what you will, they come in all different shapes and sizes.

Last year Tara Reid let one of hers slip at P-Diddy's birthday bash, Naomi Watts put her name up in lights when she exposed hers in 21 Grams (who could forget THEM?), and Halle Berry got paid an extra million to flash hers in Swordfish... yep, that's it... we're talking about nipples!

Some female celebrities have shown that no matter what shape or size you are, all breast shapes are gorgeous and sexy. Whether you're flat (Cameron Diaz), buxom (Salma Hayek) or downright ridiculous (Jordan), "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" says respected Sydney plastic surgeon, Dr Mark Kohout.

We can all recall the episode of Sex and the City when Samantha whipped out her stick-on nipples exclaiming that 'men love it!' Dr Kohout says that whilst various implants under the nipple have been tried but tend to be troublesome with regard to infections, "the most popular erect nipple device is the well tried and proven ice cube or stick-on nipple," he said.

"When it comes to nipples, there are features that make a nipple attractive; the areola should be around 4cm in diameter, smooth with no skin puckering or looseness, the edge should be well defined, circular and regular, and the nipple itself should be about as tall as it is wide."

During his career, Dr Kohout has had numerous requests for nipple reduction. "Enlarged nipples and enlarged areolas are common. Both tend to be more common in women after breast feeding and/or women with above average weight. Nipples can be too long after prolonged breast feeding, which can lead to nipple droop quite independent of breast droop," he said. "Many such operations are performed in conjunction with other breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lifts."

One of the risks associated with nipple surgery is that you may not be able to breast feed. "Shortening an overly long nipple will generally not interfere with breastfeeding but correction of the inverted nipple transects the milk ducts and breast feeding after this operation may be impaired," Dr Kohout explained.

And the weirdest thing that's been request of Dr Kohout in the area of nipples.... "A young guy came to me who was a surfer, who wanted me to amputate his nipples, because he didn't want them to stick out at all." OUCH!

Prices for breast augmentation are around $10,000 and nipple reduction costs around $2,500 these fees include hospital & anaesthetist fees.

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