Competitive Intelligence Solution and Online Tool by Trellian

In today's more and more competitive global market, all businesses can do with Competitive Intelligence to give them an edge over their competitors.

If you could obtain competitive information on a competitor that can help you formulate new strategies and action plans to better compete, how valuable would this type of information be? Answer = Extremely valuable!

Keep in mind that we are not talking about spying or espionage, and we sure do not condone such practices, as there are ways to obtain Business and Competitive Intelligence data without resorting to such illegal practices.

A number of companies such as Trellian offer a competitive intelligence solution, where they compile and analyse internet usage statistics to create a powerful Competitive Intelligence tool that no business should be without. The reports that one can obtain on your competitor's sources of website traffic are simply amazing.

These are just some of the reports that you can obtain on any competitor:

  • Link Intelligence - Find out which sites send the most traffic to your competitors.
  • Search Intelligence - Find out what keywords drive the most traffic to competing sites.
  • Campaign Intelligence - Identify the search terms your competitors are bidding on Google AdWords and Yahoo/Overture to win new business.
  • And much more...


To learn more, simply visit Trellian's Competitive Intelligence tool and try the free online demo.