Substance Abuse Specialist Hanala Stadner Explains Celebrity Drug Alcohol Abuse

Substance Abuse Specialist Hanala Stadner Explains Celebrity Drug Alcohol Abuse
WHY do celebrities abuse drugs and alcohol when they seem to "Have it all"!?

There ARE reasons! (Mostly, lousy emotion-management and easy-access. Too many "entourage enablers". Low self-worth, fear, resentment... lots of good stuff the average shmo can relate to.)

Podcast Star, Comedian, Author, Recovering Alcoholic, and 'Addiction Counselor to the Stars,' Hanala Stadner, explains the addicts' mind in an entertaining, informative and definitely unique way. Hanala makes sense from what seems like nonsense!

Hanala worked at the drug rehab in Century City Hospital 'New Beginnings' for a number of years, and her patients spanned from postal workers to Oscar winners. She is a member of NAADAC (National Association of Alcohol and Drug Addict Counselors). And as a result of her local Los Angeles Television show, she built a practice consisting of actors, actresses, and recording artists.

Hanala Stadner's own memoir, My Parents Went Through the Holocaust and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt, recounts her own journey to rock bottom and back. The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Hanala dealt with her parents' trauma, constant bickering, and mother's criticism by turning to drugs, alcohol, and eating disorders. The book mixes humor with sorrow to detail the painfully honest story of one woman's downward spiral and eventual redemption.

Her standup routines on subjects like addictions, sex, fitness and family dysfunction can be viewed at .

Hanala also is starring in a show called Hanala's Traumedy Central for Jewish Life TV (JLTV), a new international cable network. Please visit

Celebrity addicts who want to kick their drug habit would do well to check into a private alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility.


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