Bluetooth GPS navigation system

Bluetooth GPS navigation system
Belkin launches Bluetooth GPS Navigation System for PDAs
The Belkin CoPilot Live powered by TravRoute - a new direction for Belkin

Belkin today announced the launch of its new Bluetooth GPS Navigation System for PDAs, a high performance, easy-to-use, portable trip planner which safely provides drivers relevant travel information using detailed voice commands, while enabling them to keep in contact with the office or home on-the-run.

The new Belkin CoPilot Live is powered by TravRoute, the leading developer of portable navigation solutions. Setting it apart from its competitors is its high quality and accurate Australia-wide digital map material and Yellow Pages content from Sensis. The latest version of the CoPilot Live software includes a host of new and expanded features which make this the most feature rich and best value portable GPS Navigation System on the market.

Ease of use
Setting up your Bluetooth enabled PDA for Belkin CoPilot live is as easy as inserting the included SD Memory Card to load the software. It is immediately ready to receive information about your travel destinations and plan your route. The GPS receiver simply sits on the car dashboard and downloads free-to-air detailed information from European and US satellites wirelessly via Bluetooth and displays it in a street-level format on the PDA.

The Belkin CoPilot Live’s special “Live” feature provides detailed street directions through its route guidance software. Directions are provided in spoken and visual turn-by-turn instructions to practically any Australian address allowing the driver to maintain full concentration on the road. There’s no longer any need to verify upcoming turns by checking the navigation screen or street maps.

Relevant and personalised travel information
The Belkin CoPilot Live enables drivers to download and access the travel information that is most relevant for them. CoPilot Live includes speed camera information for 37 speed cameras in NSW and points of interest from the Yellow Pages. Users can personalise the information to include their own points of interest such as petrol stations, frequently visited businesses, friends’ houses, favourite restaurants, cinemas and other speed cameras that they know of.

Keep connected
The Belkin CoPilot is ideal for businesses with a mobile sales force or off-site consultants. Locations of your sales force can be viewed online and messages can be sent instantly to their PDAs. Along with messages you can send new destinations while your team is on the road and reroute them without disruption.

Feature rich
The Belkin GPS system is the market leader in features, include:
  • * Route guidance software providing spoken, turn-by-turn driving directions to most addresses as well as instant and automatic route recalculation to provide an updated route within seconds of going off course or in the event of traffic delays.
  • * Speed camera information for 37 cameras in NSW - users can also load information about any speed camera they know of
  • * Yellow Pages information available - find a business or restaurant in your current location
  • * Programmable locations of interest - load information of frequently visited businesses, friends’ houses, petrol stations.
  • * Software preloaded in SP Memory Card for the PDA - reduces setup fuss and time

    The Belkin CoPilot live is available through Harris Technology, Harvey Norman and Telstra. It has an RRP of $1049 with no further cost to access free-to-air GPS satellite information

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