Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok Dangerous

Cast: Nicolas Cage, James With, Charlie Yeung, Chakrit Yamnam
Directors: Oxide Pang Chun, Danny Pang
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
Rated: MA15+
Running Time: 94 minutes

In an action thriller set in steamy Bangkok, Nicolas Cage heats up the screen and is on target as a professional hit man for hire in the explosive DVD and Blu-ray release of Bangkok Dangerous; released 16th December 2009.

In the footsteps of the cult 1999 Thai hit movie of the same name, Bangkok Dangerous is again directed by the Pang Brothers, masters of the action genre on their home turf in Thailand.

This time Nicolas Cage, star of action blockbuster Face Off, Con Air, The Rock and National Treasure 1 and 2, is professional hired gun Joe; a master of his ruthless craft. Recruited by Thai gang lord Surat, Joe is assigned to kill four people, with the last being an ambitious plot to assassinate the Thai Prime Minister.

Arriving in Bangkok, Joe follows his general rule of recruiting an assistant off the street to help with each kill, someone that he can dispose of upon completion. This time he meets pickpocket Kong (Chakrit Yamnam) and has him liaise with Surat's contact, Aom (Charlie Yeung) a nightclub dancer, thereby ensuring his anonymity.

After the success of the first couple of hits, Joe warms to Kong and begins to teach him the killing skills that he has mastered. Not getting in too deep has always been one of Joe's insurance policies for survival and breaking his own rule, by allowing himself to become emotionally involved with Kong and Aom, he knows he has put himself in danger.

When Joe has last minute second thoughts about assassinating the Thai Prime Minister, Surat and his gang seek revenge on Joe, Kong and Aom. In an exciting climax of high-octane action, will Joe return to rescue his friends, or walk away as the hard cold hit man he once was?

An explosive action movie not to be missed this summer, Bangkok Dangerous, will smoke up the screen. Bangkok Dangerous
Available now on DVD and Blu-ray.