Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

The Deeper You Look. The More You Will Find.


April 24, 2002

On April 24, 2002 Roadshow Entertainment presents the profound thriller/drama, ANGEL EYES on DVD starring Jennifer Lopez and Jim Caviezel.

On DVD, ANGEL EYES includes an audio commentary with Director, Luis Mandoki who discusses Lopez's willingness to do her own stunts, in particular where her character is required to jump a security fence. Mandoki was reluctant to allow Lopez to do the stunt, as he was concerned she may harm herself but Lopez insisted. After completing the jump successfully on the first take, Mandoki asked her how she managed to do it, Lopez replied "I grew up in the Bronx" sic.

In ANGEL EYES Lopez plays tough, embittered Chicago cop Sharon Pogue who is ambushed while chasing an armed suspect. Just as the trigger is aimed at her head, a man seemingly appears out of nowhere, disarms the assassin and saves her life. Is this a stroke of luck? A twist of fate? The random act of a brave citizen? Maybe...but something more mysterious is at play.

The man's name is Catch (Caviezel) and two have met once before in an equally life threatening situation yet neither of them remembers it. Intrigued yet suspicious of his motives, Sharon does a little investigating into Catch's past...and finds out he has none. As Sharon tries to unravel the truth, she is drawn closer into the bizarre life of this mysterious man and falls in love with him.

Yet, how close can you become to someone who is holding a secret so shocking that they dare not even face it?

ANGEL EYES features widescreen presentation, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, theatrical trailer and English subtitles for the hearing impaired.

ANGEL EYES is rated MA 15+, runs for 98minutes, and is also available to rent on video.