Growing Hair

Growing Hair
Kevin Murphy - is the stylist to the stars!

Once again Adore Beauty and are proud to present Kevin Murphy, hair guru to the stars, here to answer your hair questions

Q.) I'm trying to grow my hair long, but it seems weak and I can't get it past shoulder length without it breaking off. Can you offer any suggestions, I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner and have regular trims at the hairdresser's.

A.) You sound like you need to get some protein treatments onto your hair. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks for strong healthy hair. You need to keep your hair as healthy as possible - your hair grows from the roots, so having regular trims won't make your hair grow faster! You need to not be so regular with your trims, because the hairdresser will just cut off what you have grown.

The protein treatments will keep your hair stronger so that you don't have to get trims all the time. We have a great new product called Kusco-Murphy Intensive Treatment

Kusco Murphy Intensive treatments: this is a treatment that has been very useful for treating fragile hair. I used it on Kylie Minogue all through her tour, as her hair is very weak and fine, and gets damaged by constant washing and heat damage. Every night of the tour, we applied the treatment to dry dirty hair, left it in overnight and rinsed it out in the morning. It made her hair stronger, and the treatment is designed to cleanse the hair as well as promoting new healthy growth.

If you want a simpler approach get Kusco-Murphy Fine Hair Freshener or Kusco Murphy Drive leave in : both these products are protein treatments, just spray them into the scalp every day on wet or dry hair and leave them in. They don't contain any oil, just protein, and with regular use they will enrich your hair making it stronger and healthier. So instead of spending your cash at the hairdressers, buy some good quality shampoo and treatments and cut your trims down by half!

Kevin is a hair guru for celebrities such as Kylie Minogue, Jewel, and Neve Campbell, with over 20 years' experience styling hair for magazines and catwalks.

- Kate Morris 


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