Adam Cornish 2014 New York Design Awards

Adam Cornish 2014 New York Design Awards

Adam Cornish 2014 New York Design Awards


The spotlight is on Australian design, with Melbourne based Adam Cornish winning the prestigious 2014 New York Design Awards.


Adam's Trinity bowl designed for Italian based company Alessi, received first prize in the homewares category, putting Australian design back on the global map.


Trinity bowl was born from self-initiated research into lightweight structure of the Nautilus shell.


'Each year the Nautilus adds an extra chamber to its shell, a process that eventually forms a beautiful spiralled structure that is strong yet very light in weight," says Adam.


'My aim was to create a hybrid product that was not only visually inspired by nature, but also a product that uses the inherent logic of nature."


In conjunction with New York Design Week held last month, Adam is among top leading industry experts selected to showcase his designs through the 'Alessi Research Lab' initiative, as part of the WantedDesign 2014 exhibition.


The workshop displayed a selection of projects that highlight a specific topic and the related research developed around it; ranging from research in the working of metal wire by Pauline Deltour, LED lighting by Giovanni Alessi Anghini through to nature observation based design by Adam Cornish. 


Trinity bowl is available from selected David Jones stores, and Alessi




About Adam Cornish Design:

Adam Cornish's work is born of simple observational based design. Adam believes his work is both inspired by and contributes to the continuing evolution of products. Just like animals and plants; products need to evolve and adapt to better suit the continually changing environment, advances in materials or new technologies and the impact each of these have on our planet.

Adam studied Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and more recently, completed a degree in Furniture Design at Royal Melbourne's Institute of Technology, where Adam retains a close affiliation. He regularly lectures and shares insights into his manufacturing experiences with students at RMIT.

The scope of Adam's work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, including furniture and household innovation, as well as complex commercial and residential installations.


About the New York Design Awards: 

The New York Design Awards celebrate creative and innovative design, and the assessment involved a prestigious judging panel, members of the design industry and peer and public voting. 


Consideration was given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the assembly, manufacturing and the overall function of the design.