Echt Red Leggings Review

Echt Red Leggings Review


Built for its passionate fanbase, Echt returns to its roots with a range designed to champion camaraderie.

As the leading activewear brand approaches its remarkable 10-year milestone, League emerges as a testament to Echt's unwavering commitment to its local community and surroundings, continuing its promise to deliver functional, authentic activewear for the modern-day athlete. To Echt, League means coming together as one, sharing in a common goal and celebrating community.


"As we mark our journey towards a decade of innovation and dedication, League embodies our profound connection to Melbourne and its energy as well as the importance of championing togetherness," said Jeremy Lay, Founder and Director at Echt.

"It's a tribute to the city that has been our home and the community that first embraced us. With League, we celebrate the collective spirit that defines Melbourne, reinforcing the idea that together, we are stronger," continues Jeremy.


The name League itself is a deliberate choice, reflecting the spirit of community and togetherness ingrained in Melbourne's DNA. Much like its vibrant blend of sport, arts and nightlife, the cities energy and passion for its people and creativity serves inspiration behind the brands latest drop. With a focus on staple colours complemented by a striking feature red, the new collection introduces a range of meticulously crafted activewear essentials. From seamless, highly durable leggings boasting a unique scrunch effect to zip-up jackets featuring premium branded hardware and thoughtful details like thumbholes for extra comfort, each piece is designed to seamlessly blend functionality with style.

The men's line combines functional pieces with touchpoints that nod to Echt's ten-year legacy and accents of bold colours which pay homage to Melbourne's distinct arts and culture scene. With a majority of its loyal customer base hailing from Melbourne, Echt remains dedicated to honouring its roots by infusing local creativity, venues, and aesthetics into the essence of the collection.

League represents more than just individual pieces; it symbolises strength through connection, where each consumer becomes part of a larger narrative.

"Ten years ago, our company was built on the foundations of delivering high-quality gym wear. In 2024, we're not getting lost in the noise - and maintain a firm active-first approach to our business," said Jeremy.

Echt's new League collection will be available to shop online at



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Be bold in echt red, cause when you look good you feel good.




About Echt

Echt is an innovative and fresh active wear apparel company specializing in affordable performance and leisure-based apparel. We keep our active wear fresh and new with our designs team creating fun, sleek and original designs.

At Echt our motto is Engineered for the Modern-Day Athlete -a motto which we believe in and work towards everyday by providing boundless clothing that can be worn throughout the day – from the gym to brunch to the shops without compromising on comfort, durability, or style. Founded in 2014 by Jeremy Lay, the Echt brand has grown exponentially from his single bedroom to one of the leaders in Australian gym wear. Jeremy's innovative approach to
designing and creating a wardrobe for the modern-day athlete has driven him to not only grow the brand but make Echt a household name.

Not only is Echt an Australian gym wear brand, but it is also a lifestyle that has captured the attention of a diverse audience who embodies the key value of being a modern-day athlete. Based in Melbourne, Australia Echt now ships to over 50 countries and has loyal fans globally.




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