Okume Luxe Wine Tote

Okume Luxe Wine Tote

Win Luxe Wine Tote with hidden beverage spout valued at $94.00.


Luxe Wine Tote

Your secret weapon for a fun and flawless night out.

No more waiting in long bar lines as you deal with creepy advances from random dudes.

With The FAE wine purse slung casually over your shoulder, you're in control.

Pour in your favourite drink before heading out and hit the dance floor for a fun and inexpensive night out.

It's not just a bag; it's your VIP pass to a classy night out πŸΈβœ¨πŸŽ‰


Go-to party accessory.
Hidden beverage spout.
So much room for fun.


Insulated cooler pocket, with hidden sprout holds 1L liquid

Made from vegan leather

Luxe Wine Tote
RRP: $94.00

Avaible at okume.com.au


Okumé Australia launches luxe vegan leather bag The Fae, a large, luxe carry all, stylish handbag to help you stay seriously organised.


The Fae features cleverly concealed compartments for your laptop, personal item and up to 1l of liquids with an insulated pocket. With its soft vegan leather exterior and beautiful red nylon lining, it fits more than you think.


Two sisters, Coraline and Célia Dufroux, who wanted to think about something other than  motherhood found that they always had leaky bottles, 3 different bags and never felt classy enough.



Coraline Dufroux, Co-founder, Okumé Australia, says: 


"We wanted to create something classy, durable and reasonably priced. The bag is named using the first letter of our daughters names in the order of both. This has been in the making since May 2022 with a 4 month old, 11 month old and 2 year old in tow. We know how hard it can be to get lost in motherhood and we want other mums to feel glamorous whilst out and about with The Fae. Whether you need your laptop, nappies, your wallet or favourite drink, The Fae lets you take it all.


Pour your beverage (wine, cocktail, juice cold brewed coffee or other cold drink) through the hole of the liquid bladder and use the included discreet spout for pouring a drink on the go when you need it.


There's enough seriousness in the world. And that's driven by the fact that we can take motherhood and life very seriously; we want to remind mothers to let loose a little and relive their younger days!"





Get cheeky with this Okume Luxe Wine Tote, your new secret weapon with a hidden sprout & insulated bag that holds 1L liquid. Great for cricket games, and weekends away, this cleverly designed bag will keep your friends guessing. Lots of general storage as well


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