Arnette's Uncommon Projects Range

Arnette's Uncommon Projects Range

Arnette's Uncommon Projects Range

The Uncommon Projects division from iconic youth eyewear brand Arnette is an invitation to rock out and act out by owning limited edition eyewear produced in partnership with legendary rock bands Slayer and Bad Brains, alongside iconic skateboarding magazine Thrasher. Collaborations of this nature are rarely seen twice, offering a unique way for heavy metal and skateboarding fans to identify with their idols.

Featuring collaborations with iconic creative thinkers and storytellers, Arnette's Uncommon Projects range delivers one-of-a-kind products that distinctly fuse each artist's unique vision with Arnette's cutting-edge eyewear design. Coupled with each artist's direct input into the design and production of their line, every piece is a true collector's item and a must-have accessory for those embracing an irreverent and carefree lifestyle.

Considered to be one of the biggest names on the heavy metal scene, Slayer's iconic style has influenced an entire generation of rebels and agitators. Now, fans have a chance to strengthen that connection by owning a limited edition Slayer Witch Doctor piece, available in a matte black frame with red mirror lenses and interchangeable A.C.E.S stems featuring official Slayer artwork.

Bad Brains are widely regarded as pioneers of hardcore punk, and the band's -outside the box' thinking makes them perfect partners for the Uncommon Projects division. In line with Arnette's unruly and defiant attitude, the Bad Brains Drop Out line resonates with both long-time followers and modern fans. They are available in a gloss black frame with gold mirror lenses and interchangeable A.C.E.S. stems featuring official Bad Brains artwork.

Widely acknowledged as one of the most influential authorities on the skateboarding scene, Thrasher magazine has nurtured generations of aspiring young skateboarders. The Uncommon Projects collaboration has drawn on the magazine's unrivalled knowledge of the skating world to design a truly unique eyewear experience for fans and newcomers alike.

The Thrasher Drop Out line is available in a gloss black frame with dark grey lenses and interchangeable A.C.E.S. stems featuring official Thrasher artwork.

Each Uncommon Projects piece features the revolutionary Arnette Creative Exchange System (A.C.E.S) which allows you to swap stems and update your style - anywhere, anytime.

Uncommon Projects

Slayer Witch Doctor – $139.95 RRP 

Bad Brains Drop Out – $139.95 RRP 

Thrasher Drop Out – $139.95 RRP  

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