The Knicker Bamboo Undies

The Knicker Bamboo Undies

Aussie undies brand The Knicker just dropped their new line of bamboo knickers - focused on vaginal health  and comfort. 

We've all experienced uncomfy underwear. Too many of us are buying underwear that isn't good for us down there! Whether they cause an itch, a funky smell, or extreme ride-up...

So in the name of body positivity and self love it's about time we took care of our bits the way they deserve.


These Bamboo Knickers are made from sustainably sourced organic bamboo, so kind to mother earth.

The Knicker Bamboo Knickers are antibacterial, anti-fungal, more breathable than cotton, odour resistant and moisture wicking so they keep you cool and dry. So, kind to your body.

The Knicker Bamboo Knickers are extra comfy, made from super soft bamboo with just enough elastane to give extra stretch and to gently hug your body. Made with love.

The Classic Bamboo Knickers: miraculously clever knickers!


Sits high at the waist
Flattering High Cut Leg line
Comfort leg with no cutting in
Unique seat design prevents ride up
Full Seat Coverage
Super soft and stretchy
Extra Breathable
Odour resistant
Moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry


Check out the The Knicker range at


Review: Bold claims, but they do deliver! My new favourite, these comfortable, breathable bamboo knickers/underwear feel so good and sit perfectly without any riding for embarrasing readjustments. I love the freshness they provided all day long, and would highly recommend.



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