24 - TV Series... Tick, tick, tick...

24 - TV Series... Tick, tick, tick...

If you missed the second 24 hours of explosive, action-packed 24 or want to watch it again to pick up on the clues you missed before. Out Now! you can wind back the clock and own the entire second season of 24 on DVD.

24 is by far the most original conspiracy show for years. Its unique 'real time' format combined with award-winning performances and an intelligent script makes 24: Season Two DVD Collection one thrilling drama you simply must add to the home DVD collection.

This time retired Special Agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is called upon by President David Palmer (Dennis Haybert) to stop a nuclear bomb, set to detonate somewhere in Los Angeles within the next 24 hours. Hold on tight - with 24 action-packed hours, 24 explosive episodes and fully loaded with bonus features, the 24: Season Two DVD Collection will take you on the ride of your life. And this special collector's 7-disc promises even more than could ever be experienced on TV.

Watch a few episodes in a row minus the ad breaks on DVD and you'll see how amazingly consistent 24 is. With DVD you need not worry about missing a crucial episode in the complicated plot or wait another week to see the next gripping instalment. You can even watch the entire 24 hours in real time, and get as sweaty, cranky and sleepy as Jack Bauer! Each chapter break is aligned perfectly with the original TV ad break, so even if you stopped an episode part of the way through and picked it up again later, the chapter begins with a time check to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The 24: Season Two DVD Collection is loaded with special extras, offering fans even more value for money. DVD features include '24 Exposed', a two-part documentary, 'On the Button - the Destruction of CTU' featurette, 45 deleted scenes, an 8-page collectable booklet, audio commentaries by the cast and crew plus multi-angle scene studies.To celebrate the release of 24: Season Two DVD Collection, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is also releasing a limited edition collector's box set containing both Season 1 and 2. If you haven't yet cottoned on to the award-winning phenomenon that is 24 then this is the ultimate collection to bring you completely up to speed!

24: Season Two is now available to own on DVD

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