Zodiac Baby Names

Zodiac Baby Names

Zodiac Baby Names

Not yet sure of a name for your impending bundle of joy? While you can choose to go with traditional names or follow celebrity mums and opt for trendier and unconventional names, such as Apple and Suri, there is also another way to guide your decision making-process: baby names by star sign!

Why Go By Star Sign?
According to astrology, we are all born under a certain star sign which is ruled by a particular planet. So if you were born on July 20, for example, your star sign would be Cancer and your ruling planet is the moon. If you choose a name associated with the energy of your child's ruling planet, it is believed that you are greatly enhancing the child's potential and personality.

Some names and meaning for a Libra Baby:

  • Ethan: longevity, strong and firm
  • Hugo: heart, mind and spirit
  • Nadine: hope
    Celebrity Librans: Bridget Bardot, Elanor Roosevelt, Sting.

    Some names and meaning for a Taurus Baby:
  • Sukie: the flower lily
  • Nada: like the morning dew
  • Jude: praise
    Celebrity Taureans: Andre Agassi, Cher, Uma Thurman.

    Some names and meaning for a Cancer Baby:
  • Alec: warrior who protects and defends his people
  • Bibi: lady of the house
  • Layla: a beautiful dark woman as enchanting as the night
    Celebrity Cancerians: Georgio Armani, Kevin Bacon, Meryl Streep.
    Zodiac Baby Names
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