Your Money - Starting Out & Starting Over

Your Money - Starting Out & Starting Over
Anita Bell is the author of the number one best seller Your Mortgage and How to Pay It Off in five years. Her next essential guide for anybody wanting financial success is titled YOUR MONEY - STARING OUT AND STARTING OVER.

So what are Anita Bell's definitions of financial success?

  • Living every day, debt free (or with negatively geared investments which greatly exceed your debt)
  • Working by choice, without having to worry about job security
  • Doing the things you like, whenever you like, but still respecting your responsibilities
  • Having cash in your pocket and having friends and family to share it with
  • matter how small your income or the kind of job you have.

    Does this sound like the lifestyle you yearn for? Well a great place to start is with this guide, which readily gives constructive and straightforward advice on avoiding financial pitfalls. Learn how to not be taken for a ride by sales people when outlaying for everything from mobile phones, holidays to your home (buying or renting). There are hot tips, for tax time, effective budgeting that's realistic enough that you can still allow for that 'sanity budget.'

    Highlighted are some fairly radical, unorthodox case studies, that will not only give us a sense of relief; as it confirms we are not alone when making horrendous financial mistakes, but offers practical solutions. 'That's right' according to Anita there is a solution to any financial predicament. Take this condensed case study for example.

    Case Study 1: The Layby Queen

    The problem: Sandy is a secretary and a self confessed shopaholic. She wants to go to England but doesn't have the money because ever since she earned her first pay she's been obsessed with buying things. At first it was only during grocery shopping, but now, even if it's just a pair of knickers during her lunch break, she just has to but something whenever she's out. She's had the phone cut off more than once for missing payments and she was even forced to live n flour, water, peas, and rice for a month! But Sandy earns a decent wage. Her living expenses eat only half of it, then she blows the rest - $400 every fortnight - on things she doesn't need or doesn't really want or need. She has no credit card, but is a layby queen, and her problem is compounded by friends who encourage her spending. Her lack of self esteem also leaves her prey to common sales tricks like store staff suggesting 'she couldn't afford it anyway.'

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