Women Prefer Men on Top

92% of females and 89% of males say they prefer working for a male boss, according to a survey by Talent2, Australias leading human resources and recruitment firm.

The survey of 967 respondents found that 33.1% of females preferred the fact that male bosses make decisions quickly and on the spot, allowing them to get on with their job, whereas those that did prefer a female boss liked the fact that female bosses are easer to make a personal connection with.

Paula Baskus of Talent2 says that these figures indicate one thing, and one thing only, that there simply are too few women in managerial positions for the majority of Australian workers to have gained a valid impression of female managerial styles.

A previous survey by Talent2 of 1,000 employees found that 46% of Aussies said women in their place of employment are still affected by the glass ceiling; 24% believed motherhood and maternity leave issues disadvantage women in the workplace whilst 16% believed that women are just not taken seriously

"It is no secret that males and females have a different managerial style. Females are seen as better communicators, more understanding of work/life balance and are nurturing to their employees career path. Men, on the other hand, are seen as quick decision makers, and more upfront meaning you always know where you stand."

"Women are regarded to be better at people handling, are more compassionate and sympathetic and are definitely more responsive to domestic needs, which is a very important for working parents."

"It is vital for organisations to encourage and promote females, or else they are immediately excluding 50% of the talent pool. A recent study by the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency has found that there is a direct coralation between the number of women in a companys board and increased profits, for example."