Cubicle Commando

Cubicle Commando

You don't have to leave your job to express your true creative self. You can do it right there inside the ten! Cubicle Commando arms intrapreneurs (internal entrepreneurs) like you with remarkable thinking, tips and techniques to help you live and breathe innovation within the confines of your organisation.

Move over carbon-copy mediocrity and let the innovation revolution begin! That’s the catchcry for this edgy new business book which abruptly tackles dull corporation life and the need for intrapreneurs - internal entrepreneurs - to rise within their confines, recapture their values and play a part in changing the business world.

You won’t fall asleep flicking through these pages. Written by Bondi entrepreneur extraordinaire Lisa Messenger and creative strategist Zern Liew, it’s a whirlwind ride of convention breaking, remarkable thinking and practical help that will breathe life and innovation into even the most depleted intrapreneur. Written with such flare, humour and a little irreverence, this book is for those after more than a desk, a job description and a regular pay slip. It’s for those who want to shake things up a bit, who might be a small cog but want to have a big impact.

Cubicle Commando includes a stack of case studies from leading business like Love Communications, IBM Australia, Mercedes-Benz Airport Express, 3 Minute Angels and Joie de Vivre Hospitality.

Topics covered:

  • leverage corporate power for good and create an anti-process process
  • embrace subversion, escape the mediocrity and be part of the revolution
  • derive intrinsic meaning from your work
  • be a mover and shaker with a kick arse attitude
  • know what fear smells like, take a deep breath and do it anyway
  • assemble your dream team - innovators, leaders, doers, evangelists, financiers, outsiders and muse
  • sleep with the enemy then convert them to an ally
  • check your psychopath at the door
  • be a small cog with big impact

    Author: Lisa Messenger & Zern Liew
    RRP: $29.95

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    Review: Making your make on the business world can be daunting. Cubicle Commando arms you with the right attitude, some down to earth techiniques to make you breathe innovation.

    About Lisa Messenger

    "There is always more than one way to do anything!"

    Lisa has worked globally in conference and event management, PR, sponsorship, marketing and publishing. She is the Managing Director of Messenger Marketing and Messenger Publishing and Co-Director of Anchovy Publishing.

    She has also authored and published Happiness Is... and is currently working on several other titles including a novel; a cookbook for Peppers Hotels and a book, CD and DVD set on self publishing titled Maverick Publishing - a phrase she has recently coined.

    She is also featured in books by Robyn Henderson, The NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Department for Women. Lisa writes extensively for a number of magazines, and has had regular stints on radio and the occasional TV appearance. She is a judge for the Australian Business and Specialist Publishers’ national Bell Awards, sits on the board of the Australian Businesswomen’s Network and chaired the 2006 International Women’s Day for them in Australia. She also sits on the Tomorrows Youth Board and the Theatrelab Board.

    She is also an active supporter of charities Kids Help Line and Opportunity International. Never one to be constrained by traditions and conventions, her passion, imagination, creativity, energy and business flair have led her on many fun and outrageous adventures. Thriving on challenges, smashing barriers and taking people beyond their comfort zone is what drives Lisa’s "nothing’s impossible" approach.

    She is now using her unique marketing talents and innovative approach with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people all over the globe. Her passion is to challenge individuals and corporations to change the way they think, take them out of their comfort zone and prove that there is more than one way to do anything.

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