Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

With over 150 wineries and lush scenery, Australia's Barossa Valley is one of the country's top tourist destinations. Wine tasting is certainly the top activity here, but a getaway to the Barossa Valley can provide more than simply swirling and sipping. Located an hour away from Adelaide, this scenic region boasts an international reputation and no shortage of charm. Many of the area's small villages were founded by German settlers, and a strong Germanic influence dominates in the cuisine and culture. Get loaded up with Shiraz and bratwurst on your tour of this romantic, leafy destination.


Getting There

The easiest gateway to the Barossa Valley is via Adelaide, which is located an hour's drive away on the Northern Expressway. A scenic route takes you through the Adelaide Hills, where you can enjoy the winding country roads and quaint villages. If you have more time on your hands, a trip to the Barossa can be combined with a tour to the Flinders Ranges or even the Outback. Be sure to give your car a proper tune-up if venturing this far. Check your tyre pressure and replace tyres with new models like these Bridgestone at as needed, top up oil and fluids, and pack some extra water for the journey.

Must-See Attractions

With your car in good shape, you can certainly tour the valley at your own leisure. Another option is to cycle between the towns, which allows you to take your time and sample wine more freely. There are a number of attractions to take in, including the sculpture park at Mengler's Hill Lookout. This vantage point offers a sweeping panoramic view of the full Valley, and is worth the drive even if you only have an afternoon to spare. The Whispering Wall is another top attraction. This dam was constructed in 1903 to create the Barossa Valley reservoir, and has earned its name due to a unique design. If you whisper something at one end of the wall, a companion can hear it 144 metres away at the other end! Events take place throughout the year in the Barossa Valley, including the annual Barossa Under the Stars concert and the professional cycling race of the Tour Down Under.


Food and Drink

Naturally, the highlight of any visit to the Barossa Valley is its wineries. A good place to get started is at the Barossa Small Winemakers Centre, where you can sample over 80 locally produced wines. Don't miss a sip of the famous Freedom Shiraz at the Langmeil Winery, which is one of Australia's oldest vineyards. If you want to taste the fruits of local farms, pay a visit to the Angaston Farmers Market on Saturday. This bustling community market is where locals go to shop and eat, and you'll find high quality produce to sample before it gets snapped up by local restaurateurs. Maggie Beer Farm Shop is another top destination to sample local cuisine. Maggie Beer is a local celebrity chef who provides cooking demonstrations. Many local eateries serve traditional German cuisine, and farm-to-table dining experiences are also popular. Don't miss a visit to the Barossa Vintage Festival, which showcases the region's best food and wine in an array of public settings.

Whether you only have a day to spare on a trip to Adelaide or plan on stopping off in the Barossa Valley on your way to a greater Outback adventure, there's plenty to keep you occupied. Take your time and soak in the heritage of this historic wine-producing region.


Image Source: Louis Roving/Wikimedia Commons
Image Source: Amanda Slater/Wikimedia Commons