Families who Holiday Together, Stay Together

Families who Holiday Together, Stay Together

Families who Holiday Together, Stay Together

A week in the South Pacific could be the secret to a happy home. Researchers have found that holidays play a vital role in reconnecting families and keeping couples together.

While the restorative benefits of relaxing on a beach are obvious, Dr Daryl Higgins, Acting Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, says family holidays are a key contributor to children's emotional and social development.

'Parents often focus too much on telling kids what to do rather than -being' with them, and it's
often when you're engaging in shared activities that kids will often ask that question that's been
weighing on their mind"

The combination of digital entertainment and an increase in working parents (65% of mothers are now employed) has taken its toll on family life.

With 40% of parents concerned about the amount of time they spend with their kids and 35% of
children claiming their fathers work too much, family holidays have never been more important says Higgins.

'Holidays provide a great opportunity for -resetting the system' and getting away from routines, so parents can focus on fun times with the kids without work encroaching"

These insights are the driving force behind the reinvention of family travel operator Holiday
Specialists, who unveil their new identity on 2nd of February with a Pop-Up Resort at Manly Wharf.

Families can experience a taste of the tropics, at this Hawaiian themed party with limbo
competitions and face painting for kids and pampering for parents. Resort visitors will also receive a discount on their next family holiday.

Executive General Manager of Holiday Specialists, Mandy Scotney says the brand is committed to taking the hassle out of family holidays

'Taking the kids overseas is a very different experience than holidaying as a couple, with the
potential to be quite stressful. This is why our focus is on families – providing those little extras such as free meals for kids and couple-time for parents which help make those magical memories"

Holiday Specialists is part of the House of Travel group