When in Rome Review

When in Rome Review

When in Rome Review

Cast: Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, Will Arnett, Jon Heder, Dax Shepherd, Alexis Dziena, Kate.Micucci with Danny DeVito and Anjelica Houston
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Rated: PG
Running Time: 91 minutes

Synopsis: An ambitious young New Yorker (Kristen Bell), disillusioned with romance, takes a whirlwind trip to Rome where she defiantly plucks magic coins from a fountain of love, inexplicably igniting the passion of those who threw them in: a sausage magnate (Danny DeVito), a street magician (Jon Heder), an adoring painter (Will Arnett) and a self-admiring model (Dax Shepherd). But when a charming reporter (Josh Duhamel) pursues her with equal zest, how will she know if his love is the real thing?

Verdict: Beth (Kristen Bell), an extremely dedicated and young curator, is open to love, but only when she finds someone who she loves more than she loves her job. In the romantic setting of Rome, at her sisters wedding, she meets Nick (Josh Dumael) and sparks fly. However, after one too many drinks Beth jumps into the fountain of love and takes a handful of coins. True to the tradition, the original owners of the coins immediately fall head-over-heels in love with Beth.

On Beth's return to New York she is chased around the city by a loved up a sausage dealer (Danny DeVito), a street magician, a self-adoring model and an artist as well as charming reporter, Nick.

It is worth seeing this movie, just for the scene set in a trendy restaurant where guests dine in complete darkness, although short, this is the single best scene in the entire film, it will have you laughing-out-loud.

When in Rome is a feel-good romantic, chick flick that is entertaining, predictable and funny. Kristen Bell and Josh Dumael are both very attractive and charming actors which make it easy to watch, this, romantic comedy.

Rating: **

Release Date: 22nd of April


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