Vegetable Lasagna Stacks with Pesto

Vegetable Lasagna Stacks with Pesto
PREP TIME 40 minutes COOKING TIME 5 minutes

2 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons pine nuts, toasted
1 cup fresh basil leaves
2 tablespoons finely grated parmesan
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

375g fresh lasagna sheets
50g baby spinach leaves
4 large vine ripened tomatoes, cut into thick slices
6 large bocconcini, cut into thick slices
8 fresh basil leaves

  1. To make the pesto Put the garlic, pine nuts, basil leaves and parmesan in a food processor and process until coarsely chopped.
  2. With the motor running, gradually add the oil and process until the mixture becomes a smooth paste.
  3. Cut the lasagna sheets into twelve 8cm squares. Cook in a large pot of rapidly boiling water until al dente (cooked, but still with a bite to them). Drain well.
  4. Put one sheet in the centre of each plate, top each with a couple of spinach leaves, a slice each of tomato and bocconcini, a fresh basil leaf and a spoonful of pesto.
  5. Top with another sheet of lasagna and layer as before, finishing with a layer of lasagna. Each stack should have two complete layers.
  6. Place a generous spoonful of pesto on top of each stack and serve immediately. Serves 4

NUTRIENTS per serve
Energy: 2650kJ
Energy: 633cal
Total fat: 27.0g
Saturated fat: 7.6g
Monounsaturated fat: 12.0g
Polyunsaturated fat: 5.6g
Protein: 28.0g
Carbohydrate: 69.0g
Fibre: 7.6g
Sodium: 321mg
Cholesterol: 36mg

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