TrackR – Your coin-sized solution to lost or misplaced valuables.

Lost your smartphone, keys, wallet or iPad – again? Has the dog escaped from the backyard, your laptop been left
on a plane, or your treasured bike been stolen?

Meet TrackR: The answer to everyone's lost property prayers. TrackR is a small, coin-sized device that can be easily attached to valuable belongings. Simply download the free TrackR app from iTunes or Google Play store to your smartphone or tablet, switch on Bluetooth, and the search for lost items is over. With the TrackR app, you can locate lost or misplaced items in seconds by simply using one or more of the many TrackR tools to find your lost item. You can ring the TrackR, check where the TrackR was last connected to your item, use the Distance Indicator or TrackR's unique Crowd GPS feature.

It's easy to misplace your phone – but not that easy to find it if the phone is switched to silent. Never fear - press the TrackR device's button and it will ring, silent mode or not. Finding your phone has never been easier.

TrackR even has an impressive Crowd GPS network function. When another TrackR user is within range of your lost item,you will receive a GPS update. Perfect if a beloved pet, or valuable bicycle, etc. goes missing.

The good-looking TrackR comes in three designs – TrackR Wallet, TrackR Sticker, and TrackR Bravo. They are compatible with iPhone 4s or above, iPad 3rd generation or above, iPad mini or above, and Android devices with Android 4.4 or above with Bluetooth Low Energy.

TrackR Wallet
RRP $39.95AUD
An ultra-thin device that can be easily slipped inside a wallet or attached to any commonly misplaced item via a lanyard. It has been designed specifically to fit inside any wallet nicely and can even be sat on – over and over again!

TrackR Sticker
RRP $39.95AUD
TrackR Sticker is the smallest device in the TrackR family, smaller than a 20 cent coin! This multi-functional gadget can be attached to numerous items via its adhesive backing or lanyard. Great for keyrings, laptops, iPads and more.

TrackR Bravo
RRP $39.95AUD
TrackR Bravo is about the size of a 50 cent coin. Sleek and durable, TrackR Bravo features a brand new battery tray that makes replacing batteries easier than ever before. It also offers custom laser engraving, multiple colour options, and an accessory pack which includes waterproof housing, a pet collar attachment, and a metal key ring. With return information etched onto  the back, the TrackR Bravo can become a replacement for your pet's name tag.

TrackR is available in store and online at Anaconda nationwide, or for your nearest stockist please visit