Soundcore Space A40 earbuds

Soundcore Space A40 earbuds

Anker Innovations' premium audio brand, soundcore, is pleased to inform you about the availability of its Space A40 earbuds in Australia as part of the revitalised 'Space' range of on-the-go audio devices. With an upgraded noise cancelling system, the Space series offers a leap forward in the customisable, noise-free listening experience, while delivering ultra-long playtime and impressive audio performance.


"Two of the most requested features by consumers are better battery life and stronger noise cancelling performance," said Gaspar Xie, Head of Sales Operations at Anker ANZ. "When designing the A40, our engineers wanted to offer consumers a no-compromise listening experience, not only with remarkable Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) performance, and industry-leading battery life but improved sound reproduction that is perfect for travelling or everyday use."



A40 In-Ear ANC Earbuds

Customised Listening Experience with Adaptive ANC: Integrating noise sensing microphones and passively blocking external sounds, the A40 can reduce up to 98% of external noise while using the earbuds.


The A40 features Adaptive ANC for a more optimal listening experience, which analyses ambient sounds in real time and adjusts the strength of noise reduction processing depending on the environment.


Powerful Sound: Developed by soundcore, the A40's innovative 10mm Double-Layer-Diaphragm Drivers with metal ceramic material provide listeners not only with powerful bass and crisp treble but well-balanced audio of all frequencies.


Using the HearID feature in the soundcore mobile app, (available via the Google Play Store

or Apple App Store,) users can easily tailor their listening experience. A simple procedure will automatically tune the audio frequencies to their personal hearing, while the app also offers several preset sound profiles or an 8-band custom EQ for the ultimate in customisation.

All-Day Battery Life: The A40 provides up to ten hours of battery life from a single charge and 50-hours total listening time with the pocket-sized charging case, (equating to an additional 4 charges). Additionally, the fast-charging technology offers up to 4 hours of playtime from just 10-minutes of charging time.


The wireless charging case can be recharged by dropping it on to a Qi wireless charging pad or plugged in via USB-C cable.


Compact Design with a Comfortable Fit: The Space A40 features an ergonomic design along with five different sized silicone ear tips for a stable and comfortable fit. The compact and lightweight design makes them the perfect everyday earbuds for listening to music or a podcast on a daily commute, or at the office for conference calls.


Other Key Features / Specs: Featuring Bluetooth 5.2, users of the Space A40 can utilise multi-point connectivity for effortless multiple device pairing. Users can connect to two devices simultaneously and smoothly switch between them.


The Space A40 earbuds are available in Black and White via and, RRR$129.99. 



It's so easy to get sucked into the hype of mainstream brands, but are they really giving you the best options for your money?

Check out these Soundcore Space A40 earbuds by Anker, they really pack a punch with features for the $$$ spent.

With their lightweight design you will barely notice wearing these earphones.

They come with a cool case that fits neatly into your hand (or pocket) and has three LED lights to indicate how much power is left. Your Space A40 earbuds come with charging cord and 5 fit options for a snug fit that reduces outside noise.  The sleek design is, much like other brands but they don't stick out which is nice.

They are water resistant so you can wear them at the gym.  With a whopping 50 hours of battery life, this is the standout feature for us. Customise the controls with multiple functions available for single and double taps, including playback and volume, you can also toggle between noise-cancelling modes or summoning your phone's voice assistant.




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