Top 10 Private Jets

Top 10 Private Jets

Elite Traveler is pleased to announce the launch of its Top 10 Private Jets in the World for 2019. As the world's leading private jet lifestyle magazine, our industry experts have scoured the luxury aviation market far and wide to create the definitive list of jets available today. Elite Traveler has found the best jet for every occasion whether you're flying the family to Burning Man Festival, hopping across the Atlantic or even hosting a 24-hour party in the sky.

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Highlights include:

Gulfstream G650ER
There's something appealing about the idea of ringing in a New Year on the East Coast, then hopping in a fast jet to toast the New Year again on the West Coast. With a range approaching 8,650 miles, the G650ER has earned accolades for its long reach. And its cruise speed " a smoking 652 mph " makes it just possible to drink a champagne toast in Boston and repeat the celebration less than four hours later in Seattle.

Airbus ACJ350 XWB
With a maximum range exceeding 12,500 miles, the newest Airbus Corporate Jet, ACJ350 XWB, delivers plenty of space, allowing up to 25 guests to roam the cabin on flights exceeding 22 hours. Airbus bills the ACJ350 XWB as the world's most modern VIP widebody aircraft. The interior finish and exterior paint are all up to the owner, so this globetrotter can be outfitted to your specifications.

The HondaJet's unusual over-the-wing engine mounting opens up the interior of this jet in a way unmatched by any other small jet. The extra space comes courtesy of what the HondaJet lacks: the engine spar that typically goes between two fuselage-mounted engines. That is space the cabin occupants get to use, giving this jet spaciousness absent from its closest competitors.


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